YCLUB: Transforming The Superyacht World Using Web3

YCLUB: Transforming The Superyacht World Using Web3

YCLUB is a new web3 project providing superyacht experiences in the metaverse and real life. In fact, they aim to bring a touch of luxury to the web3 space and offer the opportunity to be a part of a vast ecosystem.

Significantly, YCLUB will use several web3 tools to bring the project to life, such as NFTs (both physical and digital), DeFi, utility, and metaverse experiences. The genesis NFT collection in this exciting project is launching on August 16th, 11:00 AM EST, starting at 0.12 ETH. 7,000 unique, fully 3-D rendered NFTs are available in the public mint.

YCLUB is a new and exciting web3 project, changing the superyacht industry.

What is YCLUB?

For most people, it is nothing but a dream to own a superyacht. YCLUB wants to change this and makes dreams a reality. To do this, they will harness the power of decentralized finance, NFTs, and metaverse communities.

Furthermore, they are going above and beyond in creative, innovative ways never seen before in the yacht industry.

Significantly, the YCLUB ecosystem aims to bridge the gap between web3 and the real world for newcomers and those already familiar with the web3 world. That’s one of the reasons they are offering both dNFTs (digital NFTs) and pNFTs (physical NFTs).

The pNFTS will play a vital role in the fractional ownership of incredible superyachts.

The official public mint of the first YCLUB NFT collection begins on August 16th.

The YCLUB vision

Through web3 tools and systems, YCLUB will begin to change the landscape of the superyacht industry. No longer will these vessels be the privilege of the 1%, but it will open the door for everyone while maintaining the elements of luxury and sophistication associated with it.

Ultimately, the YCLUB ecosystem will provide superyacht experiences, IRL, and the virtual world by combining online assets and events with investment opportunities and once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

About YCLUB utility

YCLUB will offer non-expiring revenue opportunities, curated Metaverse gatherings, and a VIP service for NFT holders that provides the same luxury experience as the superyacht world.

Because YCLUB has a clear and unique mission, they are not focusing on floor prices and other uncertain measurements. They focus on actual utility that benefits NFT holders in ways unimaginable through different projects.

The YCLUB NFTs offer some incredible out-of-this-world utility!

There are enormous benefits for those lucky enough to get their hands on one of these extraordinary superyacht NFTs. This includes –

  • 25% of your mint value back through annual token airdrops.
  • Access to exclusive private events with brand partners
  • Up to 20% discount for a second mint automatically allocated to the holder’s wallet ID
  • Revenue share in the YCLUB marketplace and priority for future launches

The Superyacht Coin – $SYC

An ERC20 Ethereum coin, $SYC, is the YCLUB’s native currency. With an initial release of 13,100,000 coins as a starting supply, $SYC will allow users to purchase and trade in the YCLUB metaverse and marketplace. It will also feature on Uniswap, allowing trade with other cryptocurrencies.

Of the 13,100,000 coins, 50% will go into the YCLUB ecosystem, 38% will go towards liquidity and treasury, and the remaining 12% is allocated to the project team. A maximum of 100,000,000 coins are available, which will be added when needed.

There are 7000 YCLUB superyacht NFTs on offer in the genesis collection.

Join the superyacht NFT whitelist now!

The YCLUB whitelist consists of three tiers – Super Rare, Epic, & Legendary. These whitelist spots are being given away through social media and Discord, so don’t delay!

Whitelist allocations vary in price and availability but come with perks such as access to the presale mint, intricately designed NFTs, and higher token allocation in the airdrop (30% instead of 25%). Additionally, you will have direct access to rarity tier exclusive rewards and experiences.

  • Super Rare – 1,200 whitelist spots for 0.35 ETH
  • Epic – 600 whitelist spots for 0.4 ETH
  • Legendary – 99 whitelist spots for 1.5 ETH

Finally, to learn more about this fantastic project, head to the official YCLUB Discord and follow them on Twitter. The official mint for the public YCLUB superyacht NFT collection is August 16th, 11:00 AM EST, at 0.12 ETH each. 

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