US: Over 130,000 Russian troops now staged outside Ukraine

US: Over 130,000 Russian troops now staged outside Ukraine

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With the crisis widening into all-out conflict throughout Ukraine, the Smile Platoon has gone dark except for one message: “It is war here.”

Bila Tserkva sits at the mouth of one of the few relatively safe passages out of the capital.

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Melissa Murray

Mike Pence did not explicitly refer by name to Donald Trump, who has been among the loudest Republican voices praising Vladimir Putin.

Commanders co-CEOs and co-owners Dan and Tanya Snyder. (Jonathan Newton/The Post)

The proposals in the General Assembly have broad language and no monetary cap for funding a potential stadium complex. “It’s an endless gravy train of subsidies,” one expert said.

It isn’t really about restricting Russians’ access to social media — at least, not directly. It’s an act of intimidation aimed at bringing other social networks to heel.


Jamie Friedlander Serrano

(Jon Gerberg, Lindsey Sitz/The Washington Post)

President Donald Trump on Jan. 6, 2021. (AP)

With a deadline looming next week to avoid a government shutdown, Republican concerns over federal spending and vaccine mandates imperil the funding bill.

The president’s declaration brought Republicans to their feet in applause, provided a bumper-sticker-size sound bite to Democrats in swing districts and confirmed to dismayed activists that the once-widespread desire to overhaul policing has lost its momentum.

(Casey Silvestri/The Post)

Russia’s troubling actions — most recently its attack on a Ukrainian nuclear power plant — have triggered a deep alarm that is likely to accelerate Japan’s debate over defense and security policies that had been underway amid China’s growing territorial threat.

A slow boil of male backlash nurtured in angry Internet forums and private Discord channels has erupted to confront a galvanized women’s movement.

Diplomats in Vienna had hoped to finalize an agreement by early next week.

Mariscos 1133, from the owners of El Sol and other excellent Mexican restaurants, features top-notch dishes from sea, land and air.

Duke Coach Mike Krzyzewski before his final game at Cameron Indoor Stadium. (AP)

(Mary Ellen Mark/Howard Greenberg Gallery, New York )

A new exhibition, “A Female Gaze” at the Howard Greenberg Gallery in New York, explores the work of 12 female street photographers over seven decades.

(Sonny Ross for The Post)

New offerings include ‘A Strange Loop’ on Broadway, National Capital New Play Festival, ‘Drumfolk’ at Arena and ‘Grace’ at Ford’s Theatre.

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