Ukraine-Russia latest news: Putin’s troops close in on Kyiv amid street fighting as Kremlin website goes down

Ukraine-Russia latest news: Putin’s troops close in on Kyiv amid street fighting as Kremlin website goes down

NewsWorldEuropeHundreds of Russian armoured vehicles, tanks and towed artillery are moving towards Kyiv

Huge explosion in Kyiv shortly after Ukraine-Russia negotiations end

Russia is advancing on Kyiv with a huge convoy of armoured vehicles, tanks and other military equipment spanning more than 40 miles, according to new satellite images.

As the Russian invasion entered its sixth day, US senator Chris Murphy said Putin’s troops are preparing for a “long and bloody” siege of the Ukrainian capital.

Earlier on Monday, Ukraine was rocked by a number of huge explosions after the first round of peace talks between representatives of the two countries on the Belarus border.

And the economic sanctions brought against Russia appear to be building pressure on Vladimir Putin, as Moscow shut down its stock markets till at least 5 March with the Russian Ruble plummeting to a historic low.

Meanwhile, the International Criminal Court has announced it will investigate alleged Russian war crimes in Ukraine.

1646122695Around 350,000 people have entered Poland from UkrainePoland’s deputy minister has said that around 350,000 people have entered Poland from Ukraine since Russia invaded the country.

“Over the last 24 hours, 100,000 people crossed the Polish-Ukrainian border,” Maciej Wasik told public broadcaster Polskie Radio 1.

“In total, since Thursday, there have already been 350,000 refugees.”

Holly Bancroft1 March 2022 08:18

1646122095Watch: Missile strike on Kharkiv near administration building Kharkiv is under missile attack, with videos showing a huge explosion near the city’s regional administration building.

Ukraine’s operational command says Russian forces fired a rocket at the administration building.

Several civilian cars were reportedly passing the building at the time.

Missile strikes on Kharkiv adminstration building, blows up cars around it

Holly Bancroft1 March 2022 08:08

1646121675Ukraine ‘on brink of humanitarian catastrophe’ – UK ambassadorUkraine is on the brink of a “humanitarian catastrophe”, Britain’s UN ambassador has warned.

Dame Barbara Woodward told a meeting of the Security Council that the Kremlin had launched “indiscriminate attacks against men, women and children”.

She said: “As a result of President Putin’s decision to launch a full-scale invasion of Ukraine, a country of 44 million people is now on the brink of humanitarian catastrophe.

“Missiles have rained down on Kharkiv, with cluster munitions hitting residential areas and injuring residents. Disruption to supply chains has caused food shortages in Kramatorsk.”

Holly Bancroft1 March 2022 08:01

1646121135Boris Johnson will travel to Poland and Estonia UK prime minister Boris Johnson will travel to Poland and Estonia on Tuesday amid the ongoing invasion of Ukraine by Russia.

A spokesperson for the prime minister said that Mr Johnson will travel to the two countries to speak with his Polish and Estonian counterparts.

He is also set to meet with Nato Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg.

(Getty Images)

Holly Bancroft1 March 2022 07:52

1646120475Ukraine says foreigners who want to help them fight Russia will not need a visaUkraine has waived visa requirements for foreigners who want to come to the country to fight the Russian troops, writes Sravasti Dasgupta.

On Monday, president Volodymyr Zelensky authorised a decree that would permit foreigners to come to Ukraine to help its troops.

Holly Bancroft1 March 2022 07:41

1646119815Russian advance on Kyiv has made ‘little progress’- Ministry of DefenceThe UK Ministry of Defence has said that the Russian advance on Kyiv has made “little progress over the past 24 hours”.

In an intelligence update, posted on Twitter, the Ministry of Defence said that the delayed advance was “probably as a result of continuing logistical difficulties”.

“Russian forces have increased their use of artillery north of Kyiv and in the vicinities of Kharkiv and Chernihiv,” the update said.

It continued: “The use of heavy artillery in densely populated urban areas greatly increases the risk of civilian casualties.

“Russia has failed to gain control for the airspace over Ukraine prompting a shift to night operations in an attempt to reduce their losses.”

Holly Bancroft1 March 2022 07:30

1646119229Kharkiv blast: Casualties uncertain as government building attackedCasualties from the latest missile strike in Ukraine’s Kharkiv city are not immediately clear.

An administrative building in the city square was struck around 8am this morning, with visuals showed a huge blast rocking the area.

The missile struck the front of the building and blew up cars around it, videos and images from the scene appeared to show.

Arpan Rai1 March 2022 07:20

1646118647Brave Ukrainian disposes of mine with bare hands while casually smoking cigaretteA Ukrainian man was seen carrying a land mine away from a road in Berdyansk with his bare hands, winning hearts on social media for his brave act.

He picked up the land mine and slowly carried it away to prevent it from blowing up the road while puffing on a cigarette, the video showed.

Read the full report here:

Arpan Rai1 March 2022 07:10

1646117946Poland to discuss Ukraine’s EU membership todayPoland will discuss support for Ukraine joining the European Union today with the commission president Ursula von der Leyen in Brussels, officials said.

“This afternoon in Brussels, Prime Minister @MorawieckiM meets the President of the European Commission @vonderleyen,” said government spokesperson Piotr Muller on Twitter.

The topic for discussion between the two will be “systemic support for Ukraine in the context of its membership in the EU”, he added.

Arpan Rai1 March 2022 06:59

1646117898Kharkiv administration building blown up in attackAn administrative building in Kharkiv has been blown up on Tuesday morning, officials said.

Visuals from the spot showed the building in Freedom Square bombed in an air strike.

Ukraine’s ministry of foreign affairs shared the video of attack on Twitter:

“Russia is waging war in violation of international humanitarian law. Kills civilians, destroys civilian infrastructure. Russiaʼs main target is large cities that now fired at by its missiles,” it said.

Arpan Rai1 March 2022 06:58

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