Ukraine news – live: Russian invasion would be a ‘massive mistake’, UK warns as US troops poised to deploy

Ukraine news – live: Russian invasion would be a ‘massive mistake’, UK warns as US troops poised to deploy

NewsWorldEuropeRegional mayor says Ukraine’s second-largest city has been ‘cleansed of the enemy’

Putin orders Russia’s nuclear deterrence forces on ‘high alert’

Vladimir Putin has placed Russia’s nuclear deterrence forces on high alert, citing aggressive statements by Nato leaders and economic sanctions against Moscow over its invasion of Ukraine.

The inflammatory move came as Ukraine’s president Volodymyr Zelensky said envoys would meet for peace talks with Russian diplomats at an undisclosed location on the Belarusian border, having early rejected an invitation from Moscow within Belarus, which he called an invasion staging ground.

The EU announced on Sunday that they would close their airspace to Russian planes, fund arms supplies to Ukraine and ban pro-Kremlin media. Kyiv’s mayor also said that he would be unable to evacuate civilians from the city. He warned that the capital could be on the edge of a “humanitarian catastrophe” as stocks of food and medicine run low.

President Zelensky said he had submitted an application against Russia to the International Court of Justice, accusing Moscow of “manipulating the notion of genocide to justify aggression”, after alleging that Mr Putin’s invasion verged on genocide and amounted to “state terrorism”.

1645996680Concerns mount as black people report racism while fleeing war zoneScores of African migrants in Ukraine are being blocked from fleeing to safety as Russian attacks continue to devastate the country, those trying to make border crossing have told The Independent’s Nadine White.

Read her piece on these concerning reports here:

Holly Bancroft27 February 2022 21:18

1645996268White House and senators question Putin’s mental healthThe White House, US senators and former generals have all questioned Vladimir putin’s mental health after two years of Covid pandemic isolation, writes Graeme Massie.

Jen Paski raised the Russian leader’s state of mind after his unprovoked decision to invade Ukraine and the violence his troops have unleashed on the country.

Holly Bancroft27 February 2022 21:11

1645995451Update: Kyiv Mayor spokesperson denies city is ‘encircled’The spokesperson for the mayor of Kyiv has denied that the capital is being “encircled” by Russian troops, The Kyiv Independent reported.

In an interview with the Associated Press, Kyiv’s mayor Vitali Klitschko said that “Kyiv was encircled” but that citizens would be ready to fight.

He had responded to question from AP about whether civilians could be evacuated, saying that they could not get out because of Russians blocking roads.

His spokesperson has now said that Mr Klitscho misspoke, according to a report from The Kyiv Independent, and said that such information is “a lie and a manipulation”.

Holly Bancroft27 February 2022 20:57

1645994745Putin raises stakes and puts nuclear forces ‘on alert’ as West steps up response to RussiaThe Russian president’s move was condemned by the US, reports Kim Sengupta in Kyiv, as fighting in Ukraine continues and more sanctions put in place against Moscow.

Joe Middleton27 February 2022 20:45

1645993928British volunteers who travel to fight Russia could violate terror laws but prosecutions unlikelyBritons fighting against Russia alongside Ukrainian forces could fall under the UK’s definition of terrorism, a watchdog has said.

Foreign secretary Liz Truss said yesterday that she would “absolutely” support British nationals who travel to the warzone following an invitation by president Zelensky to international combatants, writes home affairs editor Lizzie Dearden.

Holly Bancroft27 February 2022 20:32

1645992917Britain set to provide £40 million more in humanitarian aid to Ukraine – PMBritain is to provide a further £40 million in humanitarian aid to Ukraine, the Government has announced.

Downing Street said the funding will help aid agencies respond to the deteriorating humanitarian situation, creating access to basic necessities and medical supplies such as medicines, syringes, dressings and wound care packs.

Boris Johnson said: “In the last days the world has witnessed awe-inspiring displays of bravery and heroism from the Ukrainian people in response to those who seek to obliterate their freedom by force.

“The UK will not turn our backs in Ukraine’s hour of need. We are providing all the economic and military support we can to help those Ukrainians risking everything to protect their country.”

Mr Johnson also confirmed any Ukrainian person settled in the UK will be able to bring immediate members of their family to join them in Britain.

Downing Street said this will “benefit many thousands of people who at this moment are making desperate choices about their future”.

Joe Middleton27 February 2022 20:15

1645992668Ukrainians return to the country to fight – RTE newsUkrainians are travelling back to the country from Ireland to help with the fight against Russia, Irish media has reported.

See pictures of Ukrainians at Dublin airport preparing to make their way to there.

Holly Bancroft27 February 2022 20:11

1645991948Ukraine’s hospitals running out of oxygen – WHOThe World Health Organisation has warned that Ukrainian hospitals were running dangerously low on oxygen supplies.

“The oxygen supply situation is nearing a very dangerous point in Ukraine,” the WHO said. “This puts thousand of lives at risk.”

Manufacturers of medical oxygen are facing shortages of zeolite, a chemical product key to producing the resource, the WHO warned. They added that trucks are not able to transport oxygen supplies to hospitals.

Holly Bancroft27 February 2022 19:59

1645991468Watch: More than 100,000 Germans protest in support of UkraineMore than 100,000 people protested at Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate on Sunday in support of Ukraine.

Many held anti-war banners and waved huge Ukrainian flags.

Holly Bancroft27 February 2022 19:51

1645990988Ukraine asks for full embargo on Russian oil and gasUkraine’s foreign minister Dmytro Kuleba has called for a “full embargo for Russian oil and gas” in light of the country’s invasion of Ukraine.

Mr Kuleba posted on social media, saying: “Buying them now means paying for the murder of Ukrainian men, women and children. I welcome the first decisive steps by a number of European states in this regard and urge others to proceed resolutely and without delay.”

Holly Bancroft27 February 2022 19:43

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