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Ukraine news

‘We will give you arms’: Zelensky asks people to defend Ukraine during speech

Ukraine’s capital Kyiv is bracing for an overnight attack as the country continues to resist the Russian invasion.

President Volodymyr Zelensky said on Saturday that the Ukraine’s armed forces had “derailed” Vladimir Putin’s plans to capture the city.

Intense fighting in Kyiv saw an apartment building in the capital hit by a missile, and Ukraine’s health ministry said that three children were among the 198 people killed since the invasion began.

The EU, along with the US, announced on Saturday night that they will ban selected Russian banks from the Swift international payments system.

The group also committed to imposing restrictive measures on the Russian Central Bank.

The further measures come as Russian forces advanced on three Ukrainian cities on Saturday; Kyiv in the north, Kharkiv in the northeast and Kherson in the south.

The Kremlin’s website was down again on Saturday and a spokesperson said the site was being targeted by cyberattacks.

1645899020SummaryHere are today’s top headlines on the Russian invasion of Ukraine:

• Fighting continues across Ukraine, but the speed of Russia’s advance has slowed. This is likely due to logistical difficulties and “strong Ukrainian resistance”, the UK ministry of defence has said.

• Ukrainian president Zelensky has said his armed forces “successfully repelled enemy attacks”. But the Russian defence ministry announced that they would attack in “all directions”.

• Russia is leading an attack on three cities: Kyiv in the north, Kharkiv in the northeast and Kherson in the south. Officials in the West are anxious that Russia will turn to weapons capable of inflicting heavy casualties to speed up the advance.

• The EU, along with the US, the UK and Canada, will ban selected Russian banks from the Swift payments network and will paralyze the assets of the Russian central bank.

• 115,000 people have crossed the border from Ukraine to Poland since the invasion began.

• Ukraine’s capital Kyiv is under curfew until Monday.

• Ukraine is piling pressure on Turkey to close the passage of Russian warships through the Black Sea.

• 27 nations have agreed to give more arms and military aid to Ukraine as it fights the Russian invasion.

Holly Bancroft26 February 2022 18:10

1645924465A new focus of attacks on infrastructure?In a possible change of tactics to target more infrastructure, Russia appears to have hit energy facilities near Kyiv and Kharkiv.

Oliver O’Connell27 February 2022 01:14

1645923502Watch: Anti-war protesters chant ‘no to war’ in Russia Hundreds of anti-war protesters took to the streets in the Russian city of Yekaterinburg, Radio Free Europe has reported.

Watch their reporting from the march here:

Holly Bancroft27 February 2022 00:58

1645923022Watch: Chaos at the border as tens of thousand of desperate Ukrainians try to crossScene of chaos are engulfing Ukraine’s border with Poland as tens of thousands of families desperate to escape the Russian invasion try to cross into safety, writes Bel Trew.

In footage captured by The Independent, long queues of cars can be seen stretching into the darkness during the sub-zero temperatures.

Tom Batchelor27 February 2022 00:50

1645922358Reports of ‘massive blaze’ in KharkivTom Batchelor27 February 2022 00:39

1645921762What weaponry is Russia using in the war on Ukraine? Russian forces have been attempted to storm Kyiv and several other key cities in Ukraine as part of an offensive taking place “in all directions”.

Yet Russian tanks and armoured vehicles, helicopters and planes, have faced some resistance.

Read this explainer on what weaponry the Russian military is using in Ukraine.

Holly Bancroft27 February 2022 00:29

1645920982Russia moves weapons capable of inflicting mass casualties into position, officials claimIn case you missed it..

Exclusive: Officials in the west are anxious that Russia could turn to weapons capable of inflicting heavy casualties, reports Kim Sengupta in Kyiv.

Holly Bancroft27 February 2022 00:16

1645919950Vasilkov oil depot on fire – Kyiv Post reportsLocal media outlet The Kyiv Post has reported that the oil base in Vasilkiv is on fire.

Vasilkiv is a city, about 10 miles south of Kyiv.

Holly Bancroft26 February 2022 23:59

1645919760Ukraine – Thank you for financial sanctions on RussiaUkraine’s prime minister Denys Shmygal has said that the country is thankful for the latest rounds of financial sanctions imposed on Russia by the EU and the US.

In a Twitter post, Mr Shmygal wrote: “Thanks to our friends… for the commitment to remove several Russian banks from Swift” and for the “paralysis of the assets of the central bank of Russia.”

Holly Bancroft26 February 2022 23:56

1645919100Russian forces not making progress they planned – UK defence intelligence The UK ministry of defence has posted its latest intelligence update on the Russian invasion.

The update says that:

• Russian forces are not making the progress that they had planned. They are suffering from logistical challenges and strong Ukrainian resistance.

• Russian forces are sustaining casualties and a number of Russian troops have been taken prisoner by Ukrainian forces.

• The Russian government has reportedly restricted access to a number of social media platforms in a probably attempt to conceal details regarding the situation in Ukraine from their own people.

Holly Bancroft26 February 2022 23:45

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