This deodorant hack is apparently the best way to stop thigh chafing for free

This deodorant hack is apparently the best way to stop thigh chafing for free

TikTok is known to be a great place for finding beauty tips and tricks and affordable hacks. One of the latest to catch super scrollers’ attention might help us feel more comfortable in the warm weather spell we’re currently enjoying in the UK, by preventing thigh chafing. And best of all, it doesn’t need to cost you anything.

Yes, the best anti-chafing creams can be a godsend too, but if you don’t want to make an extra purchase, you may be able to prevent uncomfortable thigh chafe by using something that’s already a part of your routine – roll-on deodorant.

While specially-designed anti-chafe sticks are also super popular on TikTok, several users also tout your run of the mill deodorant as being able to prevent your thighs from rubbing raw while wearing a dress or short-shorts. The logic behind the hack is that a roll-on deodorant will prevent the common friction that results in painful chafing.

Don’t want to invest in an anti-chafe cream? The TikTok-famous deodorant hack shouldn’t cost you a penny

In one clip about anti-chafe hacks that’s been viewed over 37,000 times, TikToker @leighannhealey explained, “My go-to trick is deodorant, I put [it] in between my legs so that when they rub together they just slip and slide!” – before going on to demonstrate the resulting lack of friction.

Considering that many roll-on deodorants on the high street cost as little as £2, or even less on special offer, and that it’s likely an item you already have in your house, this is a pretty cheap hack and is clearly worth a try.

Another potentially useful summertime skin hack that TikTokers have been loving is the frozen cucumber trend, which sees users roll the end of a sliced cucumber across their skin for a supposed complexion boost.

Hundreds of TikTokers are also using frozen cucumber as a skincare fix

Though there are some instant benefits to doing so – like reducing puffiness in the skin and providing cooling relief in a heatwave – and it’s a harmless trend, it’s unlikely to have any lasting benefit. As Dr Vanita Rattan, medical doctor and skincare formulator, points out in her own TikTok video, “You can use this maximum once a day, and results are temporary”.

Will you be giving either of these cheap hacks a go?


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