The 34 Best Groomsmen Gifts That’ll Impress Your Crew

The 34 Best Groomsmen Gifts That’ll Impress Your Crew

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Because they don’t need a flask that will collect dust.

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The big day is coming and knowing you’ll have your best bros by your side can even make the most macho man shed a tear. Okay, maybe not the waterworks, but you know you couldn’t have made it to this point without your boys to keep you cool, calm, and collected. So, when it comes to showing some appreciation, you’ll want to choose the coolest, most unique groomsmen gifts to get your crew excited to celebrate your wedding day.

  • Best Everyday Gift

    Minimalist Slim Wallet
    The Ridge

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  • Best Fashion Gift

    Original Wayfarer Classic Sunglasses

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  • Best Grooming Gift

    Philips Norelco

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  • Best Unique Gift

    Minipresso Portable Espressso Machine

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  • Best High-End Gift

    Marlin Manual

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A general rule of thumb when shopping for groomsmen gifts: Find something that’s useful. You’re going to be spending at least a decent chunk of change on these gifts, so you want to find a gift that’s functional and can be used on a regular basis. It’s also worth noting when you gift your groomsman an item they will actually use, that gift will also serve as a memento of the memories you all made during your big day.

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So to avoid giving your guys a gift that’ll just end up in a junk drawer, we rounded up the 34 best groomsmen gifts that are functional, fun, and at the perfect price point.

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Best Everyday Gift

Minimalist Slim Wallet

Help your boys keep their pockets slim with their money and credit cards in one safe, secure wallet. The Ridge Wallet holds up to twelve cards, has a money clip that doubles as clip for your pants, and RFID-blocking plates to keep hackers from getting your personal information. Made of lightweight aluminum, this unique wallet will last way beyond your 10th anniversary.

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Best Fashion Gift

Original Wayfarer Classic Sunglasses

Recreate that cool Reservoir Dogs look with matching Ray-Bans you can even customize for the special day.

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Best Grooming Gift


This high-quality grooming tool makes it easy to trim your facial hair, without any nicks or razor burn. Gift them the OneBlade and no one will be at the party rocking toilet paper pieces.

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Best Unique Gift

Minipresso Portable Espressso Machine

If you have a long weekend wedding planned with activities from day-to-night, your groomsmen will be thankfully for this portable espresso machine for a much needed caffeine fix.

Best High-End Gift

Marlin Manual

A vintage-inspired watch with timeless sophistication will serve as choice accessory for all those future cigar and whiskey get-togethers.

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The Fresh Plate Shallow Bowls

Upgrade their dinner game with this bowl set, so they’ll be eating soups, entrees, and snacks in style.

Toiletry Hanging Dopp Kit

Every man could use a Dopp kit, but not every guy thinks to put one on his shopping list—that’s where you come in. It’s an affordable Dopp kit with multiple pockets for organization and has a built-in hook to hang just about anywhere.

Classic SD Alox Limited Edition 2022

It’s not a regular pocket knife, it’s a limited edition, thunder gray pocket knife. With a snazzy look and five functions, this pocket knife is groomsmen gift gold.

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Chillsner Beer Chiller 2-Pack

Now your boys can chill out with a cold one even on the hottest summer days with this 2-pack from Corkcicle. It’s a cool invention that any beer lover can cheers to.

There’s always that one groomsmen who shows up with a messy beard or five ‘o clock shadow. This stellar shaving kit will give your boys the hint to up their grooming game with one of the best shaving creams and a sleek safety razor.

Can you think of one wedding where the DJ didn’t have to announce that someone lost their wallet or keys? Yeah, us neither. Near or far, you can track your lost belongings through the Find My app and find your lost goods by turning the AirTag’s ringer on.

What guy doesn’t appreciate a handy multi-tool? The Halifax has five tools, including a bottle opener and screwdriver, all in one lightweight gadget your guys will never knew they needed.

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The Groomsman Survival Kit

It’s everything your guys could need on your wedding day in one handy survival kit. You already have enough stress dealing with your wedding, so let your groomsmen take care of themselves with a manly hankie, stainless steel pocket comb, shoe cleaner, and tooth brush. There’s even a back-up wedding band, but let’s hope your best man doesn’t make that epic fail.

Help your groomsmen clean up on-the-go with these handy face wipes that hydrate, smooth, and exfoliate skin for a healthy glow (even when the hangover struggle is real.)

After the wedding night, your guys will probably be tired of wearing formal pants. Cop these ultra-smooth joggers that are incredibly comfortable and look great.

French Terry Pullover Hoodie

Throw in these lean sweatshirts while you’re at it.

This traditional groomsmen gift is always a sure bet, especially if your guys don’t usually sport the suit-and-tie look. These affordable cufflinks will add some sophistication to their wedding day attire, making them look more dapper than ever before.

A wireless smart phone charger is the most essential item for any wedding guest to not miss a moment of photographing, tweeting, and Instagramming the big day.

No matter their personal style, you want your guys to look cohesive and polished at your wedding ceremony—that means no whacky-printed ties that’ll ruin your wedding pictures. Gifting your groomsmen a simply stylish necktie assures you won’t have to worry about how they look on the big day, giving you more time to deal with the in-laws, caterers, and any possible catastrophes.

If your groomsmen haven’t tried Harry’s affordable starter set, they’ll be thanking you big time for helping them to level-up their look. After filling out a grooming profile, they’ll get grooming samples based on their needs and interests. It’s the best way for guys to find the products they need, without spending a fortune.

Bourbon Whiskey Bottle with Two Branded Ceramic Mugs

Sure, you can give your groomsmen any ol’ bottle of booze, but why not give them a whiskey that’ll look seriously badass on their home bar. It also makes for a great bachelor party gift for your bros.

Matching groomsmen socks is a thing and basically required these days—we don’t know why, but people love them. Opt for ones with a stylish print and personalized monogramming from Nice Laundry for seriously soft socks the guys will never want to take off.

Keep your boys smelling fresh for the long day of festivities with a groomsmen gift that doesn’t stink. It’s one of the best deodorants on the market and comes in a next-level metal and leather container that’ll look stylish in any man’s Dopp kit.

Smoothing and Soothing Eye Patches

Celebrities like Chris Pratt swear by these hydrating patches that’ll keep your boys looking freshly rested, even if they went a little too wild the night before.

If your groomsmen like to tear it up on the dance floor, they’ll definitely need these comfort sandals with BOOST footbeds the day after the wedding.

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Chargers, earphones, and other tech cords can be organized in a stylish monogrammed leather roll-up that’s perfect for traveling.

Desktop Arcade Basketball Game

Not every groomsmen gift has to be serious a one. This hilarious game will be a slam-dunk success for entertaining the guys during your wedding after-party and a fun prop for pictures.

Sometimes the most useful gift is the best kind of gift. When needed, your groomsmen can use this lightweight nylon backpack, and when they’re done, it folds up into a small space-saving pouch.

Meat-lovers will be hooked on this cool crate of tasty jerky snacks. After opening with a laser-etched crowbar, your groomsmen will feast on venison, turkey, beef, and buffalo, along with butter toffee almonds and chili citrus cashews.

This large packing cube will help your guys to easily travel with their suits, without any risk of damaging them—which is a lifesaver when you’re toting a rented tuxedo.

Outdoor Fellow

From their hotel room on your wedding weekend, to their man cave at home, this woods-scented candle will add the fresh scent of pine needle, cedarwood, and sandalwood to make any place smell like the great outdoors.

Bourbon drinkers can get a taste of the Kentucky spirit with their morning caffeine fix, but without the happy hour buzz—not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Get your groomsmen bathrobes that are even cozier than the ones in their hotel rooms.

Engravable Pocket Watch With Chain

There’s very little chance your groomsmen will wear a pocket watch in their everyday lives, but with an engraved personal message, this timepiece will be one they cherish and break out for future fancy occasions.

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