Six Olympians on the Skin-Care Essentials That Saw Them Through the 2022 Winter Games

Six Olympians on the Skin-Care Essentials That Saw Them Through the 2022 Winter Games

After the absolute chaos of the last two years, there has been something wildly comforting about watching the world’s most elite athletes fly, glide, and careen through Beijing over the course of the 2022 Winter Olympics. These, of course, are the second Games to have the distinction of occurring during a pandemic, but the excitement emanating from the contenders does spark some hope that a return to relative normalcy is within reach.

There have been unprecedented victories over the course of the month—particularly for women. From Erin Jackson’s historic win as the first American in nearly three decades to score gold in the women’s 500-meter speed skating event (and the first Black woman to win the event ever) to Chloe Kim’s turn as the first woman to win back-to-back gold on the snowboard halfpipe, the female athletes have stolen the show. But given the excruciating amount of blood, sweat, and tears it takes to even make it to the Games, it’s safe to say each one of the 2,874 competitors knows a thing or two about grit, determination, and grace. 

And, given the brutal conditions most of these athletes have to contend with (the wind chill in the Beijjng mountains can cause temps to dip as low as minus-22 degrees F), it’s also clear that these competitors have learned the value of essential skin care. Punishing UV rays and bone-dry air can be a troublesome combination for any complexion, so these winter pros may be the ideal guinea pigs for finding the world’s best products for moisture, protection, and all-around glow. Here, six 2022 Olympians share their best-kept secrets for healthy skin, year-round. 

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