Shoppers snap up B&M’s £3 fly screen that keeps bugs out of the house

Shoppers snap up B&M’s £3 fly screen that keeps bugs out of the house

Temperatures in the UK have risen once again this weekend to highs of 35C in some parts of the country.

With the continuously high climes comes the myriad of ways to keep yourself and your home cool in the hot weather.

Some social media users previously shared a hack that involved tin foil to keep the whole house cool – and it cost as little as 68p.

For others, the solution is simply opening their windows to let in whatever cool air is passing by, though this does seem to add to the number of flies zooming around the home.

Many people open their windows to let in any cool air

Thankfully B&M has a very affordable solution to this problem – and people are hailing it a game changer.

B&M’s official TikTok page uploaded a video showing some of their “must have” summer products. First up was an Easy Fit Insect Window Screen that you can pick up for just £3.

And second was a magnetic insect door screen that can be yours for £4.

B&M wrote: “These are a must have if you’re trying to get some air in to your home while keeping insects out.

B&M showed off their products that keep insects out of the home when windows are open

Shoppers branded the products “excellent”

“Simply fit to your windows or doors, it really helps when you’re trying to cool down with some air.”

Many shoppers seemed desperate to snap up the products to help with the heatwave.

One said: “what a excellent idea I’m going to have look in there in the morrow.”

Another added: “I need to get them for my windows to stop the wasps getting in.”

While a third found this to be a perfect solution for escaping felines: “A friend got one for my french door. Not for flies, but to stop my house cat getting out whilst letting in air. Brilliant for the price!”

Bugs or flies getting inside the home while windows are open can be a pain

Recently Mrs Hinch fans shared a hack to get rid of creepy crawlies from the home – from as little as 5p.

Thanks to her innovative ideas there are countless Facebook groups dedicated to the cleaning queen’s ideas.

One Facebook user on a group asked for advice on getting rid of spiders from their house.

“Does anyone have any good remedies to stop spiders coming in please? They’re annoying.”

Amongst the ideas, one that stood out was the use of essential oils and in particular peppermint oil.

“I wash my floors and then I go over with a mixture of water and peppermint oil, so easy,” said one homeowner.

While another agreed: “Peppermint oil with a drop of water in a spray bottle. Squirt round vents on windows, walls, near your front and back doors.”

”Not many get in my house.”


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