Paris Fury shares glimpse inside baby girl Athena’s christening with massive balloon display

Paris Fury shares glimpse inside baby girl Athena’s christening with massive balloon display

Paris Fury has offered fans a sneaky glimpse inside her baby daughter Athena’s christening ahead of the celebration on Saturday 23 July.

The doting mum-of-six, who welcomed her baby daughter in August 2021, shared the news about the exciting event on Instagram, as she revealed a glimpse of the elaborate balloon display that would form part of the family’s celebration.

The lavish display, which was comprised of several pink, gold, white and silver balloons, featured the inflatables focused around a light up cross and card which read Athena’s Christening.

The display had been provided to Paris by @Go_PR_and_Events, and formed just one small part of the festivities that would mark this key milestone in little Athena’s life.

Paris Fury has shared a glimpse inside her daughter’s christening

Paris Fury shared a glimpse of a balloon arch ahead of daughter Athena’s christening

A glam squad from Doll Beauty also arrived on scene to help with the preparations

Sharing another glimpse behind the scenes with fans, Paris also showed how her family were getting glammed up for the special occasion, with hair and make-up teams having arrived to help get everyone ready ahead of the ceremony.

Enlisting the services of local beauticians Doll Beauty, Paris could be seen seated in a chair while wearing a white bathrobe complete with statement heart detail, as a stylist worked on her hair.

A makeup artist could also be seen applying the proud mum’s makeup, as she excited awaited for the day ahead.

The team were hard at work to ensure Paris and her family looked their best

Captioning the clip online, Paris wrote: “Hair and makeup for me, Mam and Venezuela.”

She then adorably added that her young daughter also appeared to want to get in on the action too as she wrote: “And Valencia thinks she getting it done to lol!”

Today’s christening marks a huge milestone for Athena, who is the youngest child of Paris and her husband champion boxer Tyson Fury.

The youngest addition to the Fury family was born in August last year, but faced a tough start in life as she was rushed to intensive care soon after delivery as she was suffering from a rapid heartbeat.

Tyson and Paris Fury’s baby Athena had a rough first few weeks in life

Describing the terrifying experience, Paris explained how Athena’s heart rate had caused such severe complications that she was sedated and intubated to help her breathe as they got it back to normal.

However, when they removed the tube things took a harrowing turn for the worst, an experience Paris recalled during an interview withOK! last October.

Paris shared a photo of herself holding Athena at home after the ordeal

“She was in my arms and she stopped breathing and became completely unresponsive. Her heart rate was fading away – she was dying in my arms,” explained the worried mum.

“They took her off me, put her on the table and resuscitated her. Tyson came running in. It was horrific. They managed to get her heart going and everything stabilised.”

After the incident, Athena was discharged from hospital after having been completely cleared, something both Paris and Tyson are extremely grateful for.

In an update on her health, the new mum added: “She’s doing brilliantly.Thank God everything that was a problem has now gone. She just gave us this big scare at the beginning but she’s doing really well and thriving.”


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