Paper Girls Is Based on One of the Decade’s Best Comics

Paper Girls Is Based on One of the Decade’s Best Comics

There’s only going to be one more season of Netflix’s Stranger Things, which means there’s a void for a brand new show set in the ’80s about kids fighting shady organizations and other sci-fi monsters and happenings. Enter Paper Girls, Amazon Prime Video’s new sci-fi series about a group of newspaper delivery girls who accidentally travel forward in time and have to run from The Old Watch, a group of time-travelers set on outlawing anyone else who gains the ability to move through time.

Paper Girls: The Complete Story

And much like Stranger Things, the show’s got a major name tied to the show: Ali Wong. The comedian stars as one of the future adult versions of the young girls who travel in time, Erin. Meanwhile, the actresses playing the young girls are all in their first major leading television roles, much like the Stranger Things cast.

But unlike the Netflix show we know and love, Paper Girls is actually based on a comic book series written by Brian K. Vaughan and illustrated by Cliff Chiang. In its four year run from 2015 to 2019, the series won two Eisner Awards and was shortlisted for a Hugo Award. Vaughan is one of the best comic book writers in the game right now, having written key arcs for both Marvel and DC comics and writing the award-winning series Saga. Another of his award-wining series, Y: The Last Man, was adapted into a television series that aired last year on FX. And back in 2019, Oscar Isaac bought the rights to another of his series, called Ex Machina (and, confusingly, no—it’s not the same Ex Machina that Mr. Isaac already starred in back in 2015). T

hat’s all to say the Paper Girls comic is really, really good. Whether you want to tackle it before the show, or watch the Amazon Prime Video adaptation first, it’s a must read.

So where do you start with the comic book series? Thankfully, the entirety of the Paper Girls series is sold in one handy book for only $50.

Not ready to invest in an 800-page story? The entire tale is also split up among six volumes, each with five issues of Paper Girls. But we know you’ll love it.

Paper Girls Volume 1 (Paper Girls, 1)

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