‘My friend asked if I’d had fillers!’ The new plumping face cream all our testers loved

‘My friend asked if I’d had fillers!’ The new plumping face cream all our testers loved

We test out a lot of skincare products here at OK!, from wrinkle serums to the best anti-ageing creams, in the quest to find out what will actually deliver the best results. And we don’t just mean we trial it on our own faces.

We ask YOU – our trusty Beauty Edit reader testers – to trial products for a month before giving your honest (very, VERY honest!) feedback. You’re a hard bunch to please. So when every single volunteer tells us you love a skin product, you’ll understand why our ears prick up.

At a glance, you’d be forgiven for thinking that Estée Lauder’s new Revitalizing Supreme+ Youth Power Creme, £50 here, sounds too good to be true. This lightweight day cream promises to plump and smooth fine lines, give up to 72 hours of hydration, and fend off environmental aggressors, all adding up to a more youthful appearance.

To put this cream through its paces we sent it out to six of our Beauty Edit reader testers – and to our shock, it was met with universal approval. Absolutely everyone saw rejuvenating results, everyone said they would recommend it to their friends, and all but one gave it the maximum five star rating. (The other tester gave it an enthusiastic four.)

Our testers put Estee Lauder Revitalizing Supreme+ Youth Power Creme to the test for a month

After using the cream for a month, the majority of our testers also received compliments on how plump and healthy their skin looked, with some even being asked if they’d been for a professional facial or had fillers!

Paula from County Durham told us: “I loved this – my skin felt dewy, firmer, plumper and brighter. The texture is beautiful, it feels super luxurious and absorbs easily into my skin. The fragrance is light, fresh and very pleasant. I definitely felt rejuvenated and more confident while wearing it. I also used this like a primer before an event and my makeup stayed on longer. My skin looked like I’d had a facial and my friend asked if I’d had fillers! It’s a brilliant creme with multiple benefits, but with a lightweight texture that you can wear well with makeup or on its own with SPF.”

“I LOVE this cream!” raved Tracy from Merseyside. “A little bit goes a long way. I personally feel this cream has worked wonders on my skin over the past month. I feel it has evened out my skin tone, my skin looks more glowing and radiant, feels firmer and is super hydrated. I didn’t notice too much difference to a couple of deeper wrinkles I have on my jawline, however it seemed to melt away my fine lines around the eye area. But if I could I’d moisturise from head to toe with it! It would be perfect if it came with a small scoop so you don’t have to dip your fingers into the jar. Other than that, it’s a beautiful luxurious cream that will now be added to my skincare routine.”

(Not pictured) our testers loved the luxurious feel of the creme as well as its results

Danielle from Dorset called it an “Absolutely brilliant product.” She said; “I actually couldn’t believe the difference it has made to my skin. I’m in my early forties and have a few of the usual lines around my eyes and forehead, and some appearing near my mouth. I can see a visible difference – lines around my eyes are much softer and less visible! My skin appears firmer, my cheeks look plumper and my forehead feels like it has more bounce! I do think my complexion is more even and has more radiance than it did before using this. Over time, I think it would make a huge difference. Fab product, I might not have picked it up if looking in a shop because I feel too young to need it, but I’m so glad I trialled this cream!”

Catherine from Dorset agrees: “I loved the scent and feel of this cream. It’s everything you’d expect from Estée Lauder, and more. It gave my skin a beautiful, soft smooth feel and my makeup went on beautifully afterwards with no primer necessary. It also seemed to work really well at plumping out my wrinkles around my mouth and eyes – I’ve already recommended it to a couple of my relatives who enjoy skincare. It’s just a great product and well worth the price, but then Estée Lauder is renowned for their quality products so it met my high expectations.”

Our testers loved the facial-like results of this cream

Claire from Fife reports: “The cream smells lovely and has moisturised my skin beautifully. It has rectified the dry skin around my mouth and has given me a much improved skin tone. My skin feels nourished now and I have noticed a difference around the eye and mouth area. Fine lines from dryness have reduced. Deeper set lines on my forehead are the same but I plan to continue using the cream to see if this improves. My skin tone is much more supple and even, I have fewer pimples and my cheeks feel incredibly soft. My colleague also said I looked younger! This I love!”

Amd the final word goes to Suzanne from Greater Manchester. “It smelt lovely and felt so luxurious on my skin and the plumping effect lasted for hours. My skin had never felt so moisturised. I applied it before bed and could still feel the effect by morning, whereas normally my skin would be back to being dry and parched, with any product disappearing overnight. I still had some lines on my forehead but the rest of the lines on my face were smoothed away. No lifting and firming evident but definitely moisturising and plumping. I love this product and would buy it again – my skin felt amazing.”

Who else is tempted to smother this on their face?! If you want to join our Beauty Edit testing panel yourself, you can sign up here to find out which products we have available for testing. If you’re selected for testing, you’ll be sent products to try for free – no catch! All we want are your honest reviews.


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