Mum shares clever hack to ensure paddling pool stays free of bugs and grass

Mum shares clever hack to ensure paddling pool stays free of bugs and grass

With the weather continuing to get hotter, many have been enjoying spending time in their gardens and have got their paddling pools out to help keep cool.

It can be frustrating how quickly paddling pools get filled up with grass and dirt however, especially when there’s many people using it.

One woman has shared her trusty hack which ensures her children’s pool remains free of grass and bugs throughout the entire day, and it’s extremely simple.

The mum, who goes by the username goldilocks.bears.x, took to TikTok to share the quick and easy tip with her followers and many were left impressed.

A woman has shared an easy hack to help keep your paddling pool clean

She revealed that she simply puts another much smaller pool next to her paddling pool, which her children use to wash their feet before heading into the pool.

“The secret to keeping your pool mess free,” she told her followers. “Keep a bucket or smaller pool beside it to wash feet before entering.”

She showed her two children washing their feet before stepping into the main pool, proving that her method works effectively.

Many TikTok users appeared to be impressed by her cleaning hack and were quick to comment on the video.

She shared the tip on TikTok

Washing your feet before using a paddling pool can help to keep it clean

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One person said: “omg I absolutely love this idea…my boys hate when all grass gets in….a will deffo have to try this,” as the video creator responded: “Our pool used to end up gross within minutes because they are always in and out so this has been a total game change.”

“why have I never thought of this,” another added, while somebody else wrote: “defo need to do this after my boys manage to fill ours with mud last week.”

Many people have been sharing tips and tricks over recent weeks as temperatures across the UK continue to increase, with people exchanging their methods of keeping cool and making the most of the warm weather.

One mum shared another interesting paddling pool tip on TikTok recently, having come up with a clever way to inflate her paddling pool in just minutes.

A bucket or small pool will work

The user who goes by @Capricesmum explained how using a hairdryer on the cool setting inflated her pool in just 90 seconds.

“I’ve been doing this for years and it’s a complete game changer. On hot days my son is so impatient to get into the pool and this allows me to do it so quickly.”

However, she did warn against doing this hack on pools which have any water inside as there can be danger involved. The clever mum showed how quickly the large pool inflated and other parents were amazed by the hack.


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