Molly Mae Hague gives first tour of huge £3.5m home with massive dining room

Molly Mae Hague gives first tour of huge £3.5m home with massive dining room

Molly Mae Hague and Tommy Fury purchased their Cheshire mansion at the start of the year.

Since then the Love Island couple, both 23, have been hard at work planning renovations to turn the space from a house into a home.

Molly Mae even set up a dedicated Instagram account for the home and as it starts to take place she returned to her YouTube channel with a 36 minute video of the home.

The house is as luxurious as they come and features marble flooring and tiles and plenty of furnishings though Molly Mae revealed that the mixture of gold and silver throughout the home is not to her liking.

Molly Mae Hague gave fans a peek inside her home

She said: “I’ve never shown you round the house like this before, this is really weird. I want it to feel so amazing and homely, and I know it will soon.”

The lounge area contains nothing but a huge sofa and a wall-mounted TV at the moment.

It connects to a huge open-plan space that will contain a large dining table and a specially commissioned LED artwork surprise for Tommy.

Her downstairs bathroom is set behind a “secret door”

The dining room is slowly coming together

Viewers can see a peek of the pair’s garden through the windows that features an incredible water feature and sun loungers.

She showed off her quirky bathroom: “Here’s a little sneak peek of our downstairs bathroom.

“We actually have a secret door, like a trap door. You see this small crack in the wood? You push on this wood and it becomes the downstairs bathroom.”

Despite finally finishing the powder room, Molly wasn’t entirely happy with the makeover.

The stairway features marble accents and black stairs

Her £8000 mirror stands in the hallway

She said: “I didn’t realise this wallpaper comes in quite small sheets… you can see the join, it’s the first thing I noticed when I came in here.

“I’m a perfectionist… it’s smack bang in your eyeline, because the wallpaper is so plain you see it.”

Molly Mae and Tommy have been busy turning their house into a home and proved that everything goes as they purchased plenty of extravagant features for their home – and also more affordable ones.

Earlier her fans were left shocked after she revealed that she’d “finally” got her hands on a £8,000 mirror by designer Timothy Oulton .

The mirror features in her YouTube video as it hangs by her staircase though she commented that it doesn’t match the gold decor.


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