Michigan Woman Sues Man Over Bad Date, Rips into Judge During Hearing

Michigan Woman Sues Man Over Bad Date, Rips into Judge During Hearing

Wild Court Case
Woman Sues ‘Bad Date’ for $10K
… Rips into Judge, Too!!!

7/18/2022 12:52 PM PT

Sometimes it’s best to just swipe left — a woman is suing a guy over one bad date, and their court appearance plays like the greatest 10-minute soap opera.

Judge Herman Marable Jr. in Flint, Michigan definitely had his work cut out for him when QaShontae Short sued Richard Jordan for intentional infliction of emotional distress … claiming they had a less-than-perfect date.

Legal docs, obtained by TMZ, show she first filed this suit back in 2020 … and in it, she alleges Richard deliberately and intentionally hurt her when he “did not show and left on [her] mother’s birthday and [her] mom had just passed away.”

During a recent hearing, Richard doesn’t do much talking … other than explaining this is a waste of the court’s time — he says he’s being sued for $10K because of a bad date.

The Zoom conference quickly erupted into a heated argument between QaShontae and Judge Marable, who eventually ripped his face shield off to raise his voice at her … while she continues to shout over him.

FYI, it looks like she’s conducting her business inside an airport, for all to hear.

The judge says a claim like this should be handled in a circuit court instead, and orders it gets moved there — but QaShontae didn’t want any part of that explanation!!!

Bottom line? Looks like she’s getting a date, after all … with another judge.

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