Love Island’s Shaughna Phillips shares full breakdown of designs for new house

Love Island’s Shaughna Phillips shares full breakdown of designs for new house

After purchasing her first home, Love Island star Shaughna Phillips has given fans a tour of the abode and revealed her plans to renovate the property.

Shaughna, 28, who has recently shared plenty of Love Island secrets including what really happens behind the scenes of the iconic recoupling speeches, took to YouTube to explain more about her home.

The reality star purchased the house in June and since then, she’s been making plans on how to make it “liveable” after it’s been “practically ripped apart” and revealed that she will be doing most of the renovating work herself, “just to save money wherever I can”.

Shaughna Phillips took to her YouTube channel to detail her home renovations

She told her followers: “I am going to be documenting the entire process from start to finish so we are all in this together, I hope! But for now, 1 month deep into the project, and so far the house has practically been ripped apart and taken back to basics, the garden is (almost) ready to be excavated AND I have received the plans back from my amazing architects and it is really start to feel real now!”

While Shaugha does want to do most of the work to her home herself she revealed that she’s hired her brother to help as he’s just finished his old job.

“He did maintenance and all that stuff at his old job and it was literally a match made in heaven,” she added.

The outside of her home will look completely different when its done

She explained what will be going on downstairs including a home cinema

The star also joked that she was surprised at how well she and her brother have been getting along during the process.

As she sets her plans out for what the house could look like, Shaughna explained that there has been “one hiccup” when they uncovered a wasp’s nest.

The downstairs of Shaughna’s home will see an office taken out and replaced with a potential cloakroom to store her shoes and outdoor gear.

Shaughna roped in her brother to help her with the labour work

The upstairs bathroom has been completely gutted

The social media sensation wants a “content room” in her home and will also be adding a home cinema and large pantry downstairs.

Shaughna explained that the cinema room will have “eight to 12 seats” and joked: “I have about eight to 12 friends so that is very wild of me.”

Her downstairs will also feature an open plan kitchen, dining and living area and while she admits she wasn’t keen on the idea at first, having a home cinema makes up for it.

She’s also going to include a dog shower and “mud room” downstairs “but that is up for debate at the minute”.

The garden of the home is where she said the most work has happened

Shaughna revealed she will be creating videos every two weeks to update fans

Shaughna then took her fans into the house as she donned a pair of dungarees to do the garden, but quipped her outfit wasn’t quite right to be doing manual labour in.

As she gave fans a tour of her home, Shaughna included pictures of what it previously looked like to show just how much work had been made.

She added that the garden was where the most work had happened, though the group were having to get to work extra early in the morning and leave at lunchtime to avoid the summer heat.

Shaugna’s fans are in for a treat as she revealed that while she did forget to update on YouTube, she will be back with videos every two weeks, joking “I just hope that you pray for me because it’s going to be a long ride.”


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