Love Island’s Gemma and Luca’s romance so far

Love Island’s Gemma and Luca’s romance so far

Gemma Owen and Luca Bish have been inseparable since the pair coupled up together on the ITV Love Island dating show within days of it starting.

And while neither of them has had their heads even remotely turned by any new bombshells, there have been tensions between the pair on the reality show.

Their fellow Islanders are not entirely convinced the two are truly a match for each other – and neither are the show’s viewers. However, Gemma, 19, and Luca, 23, seem besotted, and have repeatedly declared their love.

Let’s take a look at the couple’s relationship so far, from Gemma’s mum’s comments to their ‘childish’ arguments ahead of Monday night’s grand finale…

Luca and Gemma have not had their heads even remotely turned by any new bombshells since coupling up

Gemma and Luca’s connection

The pair have been drawn to each other from the beginning of the show. The two have plenty of things in common, from a love of banter to a wry sense of humour. They were the first contestants on this year’s series to drop the L-bomb.

If they are not playfully hugging each other or better still, Luca clinging to her every chance he gets, they are stealing little kisses or giving advice to their fellow Islanders.

But Gemma is not shy when it comes to putting Luca in his place or at least making him work hard to get her affection. In fact, it seems the young starlet enjoys the chase and Luca is equally happy to oblige.

‘I love you’

Luca and Gemma were the first contestants on this year’s series to drop the L-bomb

The two are now mutually exclusive after Luca uttered three very big words to Gemma following the pair’s first date outside of the villa which saw them enjoy a picnic by the seaside sipping drinks and talking about the possibility of a future with each other.

The romantic exchange was started by fishmonger Luca, 23, who uttered the words “I love you” while sitting on the terrace having returned back to the villa. But rather than get the response he wanted, Gemma responded: “That’s actually mad to hear that.”

Luca persevered and nudged his partner to try another answer which resulted in her finally saying: “I love you too.”

Sitting in the Beach Hut afterwards, Luca left viewers teary-eyed as he admitted it was “one of the best days of my life”.

Gemma’s ‘ick’ remark

Gemma said Luca’s ‘dad dance’ moves gave her the ‘ick’ during Becky Hill’s performance

Gemma has previously mentioned that Luca’s behaviour could give her ‘the ick’ if she met him outside of the villa. The dressage champion made the admission in the Love Island Beach Hut after she witnessed his ‘dad dance’ moves during Becky Hill’s performance segment.

Over a montage of Luca’s rendition of The World’s Best Dad Moves, Gemma looked embarrassed as she joked: “Luca’s dance moves… if I’d have seen him outside without having known him, they would have given me the ick before it even got started.”

Relationship doubts

It seems Luca has been projecting his own insecurities onto your Gemma

Gemma has never given Luca a reason to doubt her and has always confronted their issues calmly. It seems Luca has been projecting his own insecurities onto Gemma, particularly when it comes to being loyal and trustworthy in a relationship.

However, his behaviour has forced Gemma to justify her actions even when she believes she has done nothing wrong. Although it is ironic for him to have such rigid views on loyalty after he enthusiastically encouraged the boys to cheat in Casa Amor.

Gemma consistently finds herself appeasing his paranoia when it comes to her loyalty toward him.

Cracks beginning to show on ‘Mad Movies’ night

A clip of cheeky chappy Billy and Gemma having what appeared to be a flirty conversation angered Luca despite laughing at the other contestants during the ‘Mad Movie’ night segment

The programme’s famous Movie Night was brought back by producers and things might not be as picture-perfect as they appear. While Luca has been grinning like a Cheshire cat at the revelations of all his fellow Islanders, his smile quickly diminished when he saw a clip of cheeky chappy Billy and Gemma having what appeared to be a flirty conversation in which Gemma quipped ‘friends can’t hug’.

Luca found himself in a fit of rage after Billy told him ‘A guy wouldn’t try if he didn’t think he had a chance’. These were just the words Luca felt he needed to hear to convince himself that Gemma was in fact actively flirting with Billy and that he was right all along. He then went on to say he didn’t want to speak to “that bird again” and “Bring me a bird in and watch.”

Things might not be as picture-perfect as they appear on ‘Mad Movies’ night between Gemma and Luca

Gemma was visibly angered by what Billy had said to Luca about her behaviour and desperately tried to resolve the rift that had been caused by Mad Movies’ night where she tells him to “get over yourself”.

Luca ‘pushes’ Gemma during a challenge

Luca was accused of pushing Gemma in a challenge which saw the ladies in the villa competing in a Mile High Challenge while pretending to be air hostesses and strapping the boys in their seats.

However, when it was Gemma’s turn, the fishmonger wasn’t too pleased to see her lick Adam Collard. This resulted in Luca moving her away from him when it was his turn to be strapped.

Speaking to Luca about his reaction following an epic row, Gemma said: “You can sit here and say you’re not in a mood, you are in a mood.

“When I came up to you in the challenge, you pushed me off, to which he replied that it was “just banter”.

The Mile High Challenge seemed a step too far after Luca moved Gemma away from him after he saw her lick Adam Collard

This saw Luca’s family quickly release a statement about his actions.

They wrote: “9/10 weeks of no contact with any family and friends. It’s a crazy intense environment where emotions are heightened.

“Learning to have disagreements and resolve them it is part of all successful relationships. Society preaches for men to not bottle things up and to open up??? So proud of how vulnerable and in touch with his emotions he’s been. Nothing but real.”

The family added: “First to admit it he’s being a little f**k, but really don’t feel he’s wrong here at all. Would do anything to hug him.”

Gemma’s mum’s comment

Gemma Owen’s mum Louise Owen was not too please with Luca’s behaviour Tasha

Gemma and Luca have been pretty stable throughout their time in the villa. However, Gemma’s mum Louise Owen broke her silence after Luca and Dami apologised to Tasha after going “too far” in the Snog Marry Pie game.

During the latest instalment, Tasha was left in tears over their “nasty” comments with the boys later admitting that they had gone “too far” in the challenge.

Gemma’s mum Louise wrote: “I hope Tasha is ok, I feel it’s close to bullying now which is so sad to see” followed with a heart and teary emoji.

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