Inside Sam Faiers’ first holiday as a family of five in Mallorca after third baby’s birth

Inside Sam Faiers’ first holiday as a family of five in Mallorca after third baby’s birth

Sam Faiers is a proud mum to three adorable children after welcoming baby Edward in May this year, and she’s currently enjoying a well-deserved break following the birth of her third child.

The former TOWIE star, 31, and her partner Paul Knightley are settling into life as a family of five and as they do so, they’ve jetted off on a family holiday together to Mallorca.

Sam has kept her 2.5 million followers on Instagram up on all that her family is up to, starting with their time at the airport where she posted adorable snaps of her children Paul Junior, six and four year old Rosie doting on their younger brother.

Sam Faiers and Paul Knightley took their three children to Mallorca

She told fans: “Off on our holidays. First one as a family of 5 [laughing face] I know for sure I’m not going to get much rest but I’m so excited to make some memories with my babies & @paulknightley let’s do this x (apart from the explosion on the flight [laughing face] so far so good.. [fingers crossed]).”

The former TOWIE star revealed that the family are in Mallorca in what she called one of her “favourite places,” as she added: “It’s so good to be back in one of our favourite places. I love my family so much my heart could burst.”

Sam looked ever her stylish self in the snaps as she donned a stripey mini dress and hat with leather sandals.

Sam told fans: “It’s so good to be back in one of our favourite places”

Her adorable daughter Rosie posed with proud dad Paul

Baby Edward came into the world in May

She showed off the adorable bond between Paul, 34, and Rosie as the they posed for a picture before the doting dad cradled his youngest child.

Though, it wasn’t all a kids’ holiday as later Sam showed off her glass of white wine as she and her beau clinked glasses.

As baby Edward grows, Sam shared a tip with parents alongside a picture of him sitting up in his pram: “Little fact, sheep skin keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer.”

Sam and Paul enjoyed a glass of wine as they clinked glasses

The doting dad posed for snaps with all of his children

Sam got emotional over the way Edward looked at his sister

The reality star gave her followers an insight into what her daughter is like as she posted a trio of pics of the youngster and wrote: “Rosie.. you are powerful, beautiful, brilliant and brave. Raising a tough beauty over here, can anyone else relate? Strong willed and full of spirit.”

Shortly before the family bond together on their trip, Sam previously spoke to OK! about the “mum guilt” she feels towards her two eldest.

She said: “It’s been hard emotionally. I’ve been really teary since I’ve had Edward because I don’t want the other two to feel left out. When my hormones are everywhere, I just cry.

“It’s like, I’m so in love, I’m in this little bubble, but then I’m hormonal and tired… Emotionally, having a third has been my most teary. Then physically, the logistics and the juggling – it’s so full-on.

She paid a gushing tribute to “powerful, beautiful, brilliant and brave” Rosie

Sam gave parents a tip about sheep skin for babies

“Edward’s not a long sleeper in the daytime,” Sam continued. “It’s 20 minute pockets here and there. I don’t get a minute. He has definitely been my neediest newborn.

“He’s a proper mummy’s boy and is only happy in my arms at the moment, but I secretly love it because this newborn stage goes so quickly.”

While it’s obvious from the pictures from the trip that Rosie and Paul Junior are loving being older siblings, their mum also shared just how much they’re relishing their roles.

She told us: “Rosie can be a bit of a baby hogger. She’s like the mummy, she likes to put the blanket over him and help me bathe him. Little Paul sings to him and reads to him.

“I wondered if they’d get jealous but they’ve been so good. I explain to them Mummy will be with Edward a lot because he needs mummy’s boob.”


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