Inside Mrs Hinch’s incredible ice cube hack to stay cool during the warm weather

Inside Mrs Hinch’s incredible ice cube hack to stay cool during the warm weather

As temperatures continue to climb and with forecasters warning Brits to prepare for record-breaking figures, people up and down the country are looking for ways to stay safe and keep cool.

Whether that’s creating homemade air-conditioning units or a simple matter of making easy changes around the house, people have been quick to share their own tips when it comes to fighting the effects of the heat.

And one person who has been keen to share their own hacks is social media sensation Mrs Hinch. The cleaning influencer, 32, recently took to Instagram to reveal her way of not only staying hydrated but refreshed, too.

Mrs Hinch is known for her clever hacks

Mrs Hinch has revealed how to liven up drinks while keeping them cool

Posting to her Instagram story, the mum-of-two could be seen filling an ice cube tray with chopped up pieces of fresh fruit such as strawberries, lemons, oranges and limes.

As she neatly lay a piece of fruit into each cube, the social media star then filled the tray and covered the fruit with some fresh water.

Mrs Hinch, whose real name is Sophie Hinchliffe, then popped the tray in the freezer in order to allow the mixture to freeze and form ice cubes.

Each cube was filled with a piece of fruit

“It’s just taken me 40 minutes (running around in this heat) trying to get Toy back in [llama and laughing emoji],” she joked. “Silicone tray @eatingwiththekids”.

Mrs Hinch returned to the tray some hours later and revealed that the ice had perfectly formed around the pieces of fruit, creating flavoured ice cubes that are ideal for livening up drinks.

“So I am desperate for a cup of… Freezing cold fruit water [laughing emoji] (I’m so happy I made these ice cubes [crying laughing emoji]).”

Mrs Hinch opted to pair her cubes with some water

For her drink of choice, Mrs Hinch, who recently enjoyed a sunny holiday to Mallorca, opted for water, though the recipe could also be used to add even zing to flavoured drinks.

While she chose to add some strawberry and lime cubes to her glass, husband Jamie went for a strawberry and orange mix.

With her 4.5million followers on Instagram, Mrs Hinch’s loyal fans have been quick to share some of their own hot weather related tips, too.

The simple hack is a great way of adding more flavour to water

As the warmer months are synonymous with wide open windows and smelly food bins, the time of year also means that a number of unwanted pests can be found around the house.

Luckily, Mrs Hinch fans have found a solution to say goodbye to those insects for good. Pest control expert at, Walter Murphy, said: “The best way to get rid of flies is by making sure your home is clean and free of any sugary substances, rotting meat or other waste.”

He added: “This will involve wiping down surfaces and emptying the bin as often as possible to prevent flies from lingering in your home.”


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