Inside Mrs Hinch’s bedroom as she continues renovations on £1.1million farmhouse

Inside Mrs Hinch’s bedroom as she continues renovations on £1.1million farmhouse

Mrs Hinch moved into her dream Essex farmhouse at the start of the year and since then has been taking her fans with her as she lovingly turns it into her dream home.

The cleaning influencer, who is also known as Sophie Hinchcliffe, 32, recently turned her eldest son’s bedroom into a farm-themed heaven.

Two year old Ronnie’s new bedroom has been in the works for a number of months, and Sophie has continued to keep her fans updated during the decorating process.

The new snaps showed off the stunning hand painted wall mural in the room in full, as well as the themed furnishings Sophie has selected. A huge double bed covered with printed bed sheets sits in the centre of a space with wooden bedside tables, which the star’s dad created in his workshop, located on both sides.

Mrs Hinch recently unveiled her son Ronnie’s incredible farm-themed bedroom

Now, it was her turn to add some glamour into her own bedroom starting with the carpets.

She showed what her room looked like before she renovated it as she showed off the bare wooden floors before she added a touch of glamour with plush carpeting – and revealed its the same one she had in her old home.

As the carpet was added, Sophie couldn’t help but run her hands over it and even place her hand into the carpet to show just how thick it was.

Next it was time to keep fans posted on how her bedroom was coming along

She told fans: “It’s sooo soft guys!! I can’t explain the softness [laughing emoji].”

The rest of her bedroom is a minimalist’s dream featuring a black four poster bed and a very sleek black chandelier dangling above it.

In two corners of the room are wooden drawers while plenty of sunlight streams through the massive windows.

Sophie showed off her new carpet and glimpse into her bedroom

Her minimal bedroom perfectly complimented her matte black furniture

The cleaning guru lives in her home with sons Ronnie and Lennie, one, as well as husband Jamie Hinchcliffe, 42.

As Sophie lovingly renovates her home, she previously revealed the extraordinary story behind the home, and penned: “Truth is my parents and I have been driving past this house since I was 11.

“And we always said to each other, we wonder who lives in there, we even used to imagine here and what we could do if we ever did.”

She showed off how plush her new carpet was

The carpet is the same the Hinchcliffe family had in their own home

The cleaning icon first posted a snap of her original home in March 2018 but has since revealed that her husband Jamie has wanted to move since 2019.

She penned: “I won’t go into too much detail because I wouldn’t want to give any satisfaction to the cruel person/people involved.

“But Jamie has wanted to move for a while due to a privacy issue which came about after we extended the house.

“But I was in such a mess because I didn’t want to move. I was crying to him, saying this is my home, I didn’t want to lose it.”


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