Hospital appointments postponed on bank holiday to mark the Queen’s funeral

Hospital appointments postponed on bank holiday to mark the Queen’s funeral

Queen Elizabeth II‘s funeral will take place on Monday 19 September at Westminster Abbey nine days after Her Majesty passed away at age 96 at Balmoral Castle on Thursday 8 September.

Shortly after her passing, the Royal Family released a statement announcing the plans for her upcoming state funeral and King Charles III confirmed that the day will be a Bank Holiday in the UK.

As the day is a national holiday, a number of hospital appointments have been called off and NHS hospitals in England have been urged to contact all patients with appointments on Monday, whether or not their appointment has been postponed.

Her Majesty’s funeral is set to take place on 19 September – which will be a bank holiday

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Some hospitals have said they will be operating as usual, while others have said that they will postpone some non-urgent appointments.

Hospital trusts are expected to make their own decisions around appointments based on local staffing levels and whether or not local transport will mean patients and staff are unable to attend.

Some hospitals have urged patients to wait to be contacted with news about their appointment.

Meanwhile the public has been urged to check they have enough medication over the bank holiday.

In light of the funeral, many NHS appointments have been postponed

A spokesperson for the NHS in England said: “As with any bank holiday, NHS staff will work to ensure that urgent and emergency services, including urgent dental and GP appointments, are available — and patients will be contacted by their local trusts, if necessary, regarding their existing appointments.

“Covid vaccination services, particularly in care homes, are being asked to continue their work given the importance of protecting people ahead of winter and the public should access NHS services in the usual way, including through 111 online or 999 in an emergency.”

While the day is a bank holiday, the government is advising that it’s not as simple as one might think with regards to having a day off.

There are many closures for stores and businesses to honour Her Majesty

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New guidance from authorities confirms that employers need to make their own decision on whether or not they will give staff the day off.

The guidance also says staff should speak with their bosses over if they will get a day’s holiday in lieu if they do work the funeral date.

That’s the same policy for overtime rates, the government says, and reclaiming annual leave days if it is granted as a free day off by your employer.

Already it has been confirmed that schools will close for the funeral, so many working parents will be hoping they can get time off to look after their little ones, and also remember Her Majesty.

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