Hope Solo Rips Megan Rapinoe, Alex Morgan over USWNT Equal Pay Settlement

Hope Solo Rips Megan Rapinoe, Alex Morgan over USWNT Equal Pay Settlement

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Former United States
women’s national soccer team goalkeeper Hope Solo criticized ex-teammates
Alex Morgan and Megan Rapinoe after USWNT players agreed to a $24 million
with the U.S. Soccer Federation to settle a class-action lawsuit
over equal pay.

Solo, who pledged to move forward with
a separate lawsuit she filed in August 2018, called the settlement “heartbreaking and infuriating” in an Instagram post Wednesday.

“Throughout the entire process, Megan
Rapinoe and Alex Morgan were the two most agreeable with the
Federation and to this day, continue to to accept terms that are
nowhere near what we set out to do,” Solo wrote. “They both know
this is not a win. They know it’s an easy out of a fight they were
never really in.”

The 40-year-old Washington native, who
last played for the USWNT in 2016, highlighted a portion of the
agreement that states it’s contingent on the signing of a new
collective bargaining agreement between U.S. Soccer and the men’s and women’s teams.

“It doesn’t exist yet and is not
guaranteed,” Solo wrote. “If the players had ever been successful
in negotiating an equal CBA, there would’ve been no reason to sue the
Federation in the first place.”

She added the agreement “guarantees
nothing to the next generation of players.”

Her comments are in stark contrast to
those made by Rapinoe, who called the settlement a “huge win for
all women” during an appearance Tuesday on ABC’s Good Morning

“We can’t go back and undo the
injustices that we’ve faced,” Rapinoe said. “The only
justice coming out of this is that we know that something like this
is never going to happen again and we can move forward in making
soccer the best sport that we possibly can in this country and
setting up the next generation so much better than we ever had it.”

Good Morning America @GMA

“It’s a really amazing day. I think we’re going to look back on this day and say this is the moment that, you know, U.S. Soccer changed for the better.” — @mPinoe on the #USWNT reaching a historic agreement in gender discrimination case. https://t.co/kWY5S6eOU4 pic.twitter.com/k6Wf2rx9qM

Morgan added on GMA: “This is just
such a monumental step forward in feeling valued, feeling respected,
and just mending our relationship with U.S. Soccer. I not only see
this as a win for our team or women’s sports but women in general.
It’s just an incredible day and a day that we’re all really proud

The agreement signed Tuesday includes a
$22 million payment to players who signed on to the class-action suit
to end the six-year case, per Molly Hensley-Clancy of the Washington

“I’ll be the first to admit that the
federation made mistakes in the past, and as a former player I
understand the frustration of being treated that way … but I’m
really proud of this moment,” U.S. Soccer Federation President
Cindy Parlow Cone said.

U.S. President Joe Biden also praised
the agreement in a Twitter post:

President Biden @POTUS

This is a long overdue victory in the fight for equal pay. I’m proud of the @USWNT for never giving up — on and off the field.

Now, let’s close the pay gap in every industry. https://t.co/XHcHwseA9j

Meanwhile, the current CBA between U.S. Soccer and the USWNT Players Association, which was scheduled to
expire Dec. 31, was extended through March 31 to allow for continued

Neither side provided an update on
those talks following the settlement agreement.

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