Hallelujah, We Know the Truth About Shaina and Kyle From Love Is Blind

Hallelujah, We Know the Truth About Shaina and Kyle From Love Is Blind

Season 2 of Love Is Blind doesn’t look like it’ll have a Lauren and Cameron relationship. So far, every couple has had at least one argument, although thankfully most of them haven’t been deal breakers. Despite all odds, Natalie and Shayne have managed to come out as one of the frontrunners, who initially seemed like an odd pairing, but are steadier than, say, Nick and Danielle.

We were initially rooting for Nick and Danielle, but with the newest batch of episodes, it’s like every episode ends with the two of them fighting (and usually Nick dropping an uncalled for insult). Overall, this season is honestly a hot mess. And no couple expresses the sentiment better than Kyle and Shaina, two people who never should have gotten engaged.

Still, despite every conceivable red flag, Kyle barreled ahead and convinced himself the relationship could work, despite Shaina’s obvious hesitation around their opposing views… and we got to watch the whole thing crash and burn for an agonizing amount of time. And that’s without mentioning Shaina’s obsession with Natalie and Shayne’s relationship.

So if you need a recap of everything that transpired with Kyle and Shaina, or just like to relive watching the reality television equivalent of a car crash, keep scrolling.

Here’s what we know about Kyle and Shaina from Love Is Blind Season 2.

Are Kyle and Shaina Still Together?

No. Thank goodness, no.

Before he proposed in the pods, Kyle discovered Shaina was a devout Christian who doesn’t believe in evolution. Kyle? He’s a staunch atheist. And yet, he convinced Shaina their marriage could work, and they could figure out their religious issues as time went on. Of course, unbeknownst to Kyle, that wasn’t the only obstacle in their impending nuptials.

While Shaina was talking with Kyle, she also fell in love with Shayne (who as we now know, is engaged to Natalie). Immediately after accepting Kyle’s proposal, Shaina went to Shayne just to say,” Hey, I’m engaged, but also…I’m in love with you.”

Of course, Shayne by then had also proposed to Natalie, and while he was annoyed, he was still happy with his decision. For Shayne, their relationship was already over. Shaina, on the other hand, still pined for him even after leaving the pods.

Back in the real world, Shaina ditched Kyle on the couples’ trip to Mexico because she didn’t want to sleep in the same bed as him. Then, when he convinced her to give their engagement one final try, they went to meet Shaina’s family in episode 6. And how did that go, you ask?

Horrible. Shaina’s family didn’t look too keen on letting an atheist into their very religious family, and Kyle struggled to win any of them over. After that, Shaina finally admitted she didn’t want to stay with Kyle. Thus ending the partnership that was already probably going to fail.

On Instagram, Kyle posted a post that pretty much confirmed the two aren’t together. Honestly, it’s for the best.

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