Hair straighteners to know about – including £30 buy and cordless tools for travel

Hair straighteners to know about – including £30 buy and cordless tools for travel

After the humble hair dryer, we’d hazard a guess that the best hair straighteners are the next most popular item in the hot tools world. And thanks to Y2K style making a big comeback, super sleek styles are having a bit of a moment.

Nowadays there are so many different techy options out there that you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to great styling buys. There are even cordless buys available – though these do tend to be more expensive than their “plugged-in” counterparts.

Not just for sleek styles, a good pair of straighteners will enable you to create loose curls and waves as well as poker straight hair. Looking to trade-in your current flat irons? Here are some of the best buys to shop now.

6 of the best hair straighteners to shop in 2022

ghd Original Hair Straightener, £119 here

ghd’s Original Styler celebrated its 20-year anniversary this year

To be honest, you’re in good hands (or, rather, a great tool is in yours) with any of ghd’s famous straighteners. Their techiest model is the Platinum+ Styler, £219 here, but if you can’t quite stretch to that the Original irons are also decent. Heating up to 185°C, which the brand says is the optimum temperature for less damaging styling, they also feature curved barrels that make them great for creating waves and curls, too. Bonus: they also switch themselves off after 30 minutes.

Remington Shine Therapy Hair Straighteners, currently £29.99 here

Currently on sale for £30

To keep your hair looking glossy, these straighteners’ ceramic plates are infused with Moroccan argan oil “micro conditioners” which the brand claims emit evenly onto your hair. With more than 15,000 five-star reviews on Amazon, one shopper writes, “This straightener has really amazed me,” while another agrees, “These are the best straighteners I’ve ever used in my life! So good for this hair and the temperature control is everything!” And considering they’re on sale for under £30 right now, they’re a real bargain.

Dyson Corrale Straightener, £399.99 here

The Dyson Corrale is a cordless option

Yes, Dyson tools come with probably the heftiest price tag out there, but they ARE good. The Corrale’s straightening “revolution” – which was almost a decade in the making – comes in the form of patented plates that bend around the hair to collect it (or “corrale” it, hence the name). Once the hair is herded up, the flexible plates are designed to distribute heat and pressure evenly throughout each section, right to the edges. Results are super-sleek and last well – plus it’s cordless, so when fully charged you can use it for up to 30 minutes wire-free.

Nicky Clarke Infrared Pro Straightener, £129.99 here

More than one of our testers describes this as “the best hair straightener they’ve tried”

By combining regular “physical” heat with infrared waves, which heat hair from the inside out, the claim with these unique straighteners is that you’ll be styling your hair more gently and also more speedily. According to Nicky Clarke, the tech reduces styling or drying time “by up to 50% – not only saving time but minimising the hair’s exposure to heat”. The proof is in the pudding, though, and more than one of our testers called it the “best straightener they’ve ever used” in their reviews.

Cloud Nine The Cordless Iron Pro, £349 here

Cloud Nine The Cordless Iron Pro

You may remember spotting these in last year’s Love Island villa (this year Dyson was the provider of all things hot tools), Cloud Nine’s cordless offering comes with two heat settings and a fun charging “pod”. Beauty contributor Akesha Reid writes in her review, “These aren’t straighteners to take my hair from curls to pin straight – the plates are way too small and thin for that, and 30 minutes isn’t long enough for that task either. Regardless, I say these are an excellent addition to your hair toolkit for on-the-go touch ups.”

T3 Lucea ID Straightener, currently £189 here

Features a touch screen and nine different heat settings

These straighteners are pretty impressive tech-wise. When you turn them on, you use the touch screen to program the length and thickness of your hair and it heats up accordingly, for styling that’s bespoke to your hair type. There are a whopping nine different speed settings between 127°C-210°C and built-in tech to help boost shine and minimise frizz, leaving your hair sleek, shiny and snag-free. They also switch themselves off after an hour, so no panicking when you’re halfway to work.


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