God Save The King’s full lyrics as National Anthem is updated

God Save The King’s full lyrics as National Anthem is updated

The national anthem will be sung with its new lyrics on Friday 9 September at a memorial service for The Queen.

As a new monarch is ushered in, the lyrics of the anthem will change to reflect the new King, Charles III.

The lyrics to the national anthem will change from “Queen” to “King” and “her victorious” to “him victorious” to mark that King Charles III has now taken over as monarch.

“God Save The King” was a patriotic song first publicly performed in London in 1745, which came to be known as the National Anthem at the beginning of the nineteenth century.

The national anthem has been changed to reflect the new monarch, King Charles III

The new lyrics are as follows: “God save our gracious King!

“Long live our noble King!

“God save the King!

“Send him victorious,

“Happy and glorious,

“Long to reign over us,

“God save the King.”

The lyrics date back to 1745

On official occasions, only the first verse is sung. However there is a second verse which is as follows:

“Thy choicest gifts in store

“On him be pleased to pour,

“Long may he reign.

“May he defend our laws,

“And ever give us cause,

“To sing with heart and voice,

“God save the King.”

The new anthem comes after the passing of Charles’ mother Queen Elizabeth II

The first official rendition of God Save the King will be sung at the service taking place today at St Paul’s Cathedral.

The anthem is also expected to be sung at the Kia Oval on Saturday as the England v South Africa Third Test Match resumes. It was paused on Friday following the Queen’s death.

Members of the royal family are not expected to attend the 6pm service at St Paul’s, which is open to the public and is being broadcast live by the BBC.

Audio of the King’s televised address to the nation will be played inside the cathedral if it coincides with the service.

Charles and sister Princess Anne were by the Queen’s bedside as she passed away

In his first official outing, Prince Charles greeted crowds at the gates of Buckingham Palace who burst into the anthem upon seeing him.

The new King stepped out of the car as he arrived at the gates of the Palace to greet and shake hands of mourners, thanking them for their good wishes.

Calls of “God Save The King” rang out as he spoke to the cheering crowds.

Charles was later joined by Queen consort Camilla as they looked at the many flowers and tributes in front of Buckingham Palace in tribute to the Queen.

The pair waved to the onlookers, who gave three cheers for the new monarch and his consort.


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