deadmau5 Tower of Light NFTs Now On The Sandbox Marketplace

deadmau5 Tower of Light NFTs Now On The Sandbox Marketplace

The Sandbox Alpha Season 3 is introducing the ‘deadmau5 Tower of Light’ game experience to the metaverse. Deadmau5 Tower of Light is a multiplayer game spanning four lands, and includes some awesome NFTs. Within the game, there are unique quests and objectives in a custom-made deadmau5 space. The deadmau5 Tower of Light NFTs are now available on The Sandbox marketplace, and so this is your opportunity to own a piece of metaverse history. 

The deadmau5 Tower of Light metaverse game experience is now live on The Sandbox, and some cool NFTs are available!

The Tower of Light NFT Collection by deadmau5 & The Sandbox

‘The Tower of Light’ is a beautiful gaming experience full of surprises and fun tasks. Moreover, because it is multiplayer, it allows you to team up with others and complete your challenges together.

However, ‘The Tower of Light’ game summary is vague and intentionally mysterious. The text describing the game reads, “The moon crowd is dressed to party. Anticipation fills the air. A black box is calling, and a special breed of weirdo holds the key to the biggest mystery of all: Where is deadmau5?”

About the NFT collection

In total, there are 15 NFT assets, and all of them have a deadmau5 / EDM (electronic dance music) theme. What’s more, prices start at 210 SAND (around $179) and go up to 2,100 SAND ($1,797). SAND is the native currency of The Sandbox metaverse.

The NFTs vary in rarity, with Rare, Epic, and Legendary Tower of Light items on offer. Additionally, the NFT items include a music analog DJ console, a deadmau5 spider, a centipede car, and an LED Mau5 Monument.

Finally, this is the latest venture by deadmau5 in the Web3 world. As an artist, he has begun to use blockchain technology effortlessly. Furthermore, he understands how it can help get closer to fans and provide a better music experience.

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