Bra fitter unveils biggest mistakes that make lingerie wear out faster

Bra fitter unveils biggest mistakes that make lingerie wear out faster

Keeping lingerie in good condition can be tricky especially if it’s a delicate bra, but an expert has now outlined her top tips to help ensure your underwear lasts longer.

Professional bra fitter Kimmay, who is from the US, recently took to TikTok to share an insightful video about the best way to care for your bras, and some of her advice surprised many social media users.

She outlined three bra tips, including the best way to wash them, store them and put them on, and explained why some of the things most of us are used to doing can actually be causing our underwear to wear out faster than expected.

A bra fitter has outlined her top tips for making your lingerie last longer

First of all, she explained why you should never fold one cup into the other for storage, as this can cause damage to your bras.

“This is so bad for this cup,” Kimmay said, as she demonstrated what not to do.

She added: “It will just indent it, invert it and ruin it.”

One TikTok user agreed that this folding method can ruin the condition of bras and provided their own example in the comments. The person wrote: “My dad folded my laundry ONCE, he folded the cups into each other and how they’re all ruined. Can’t wear them without looking like I have 4 boobs,” alongside a sad emoji.

Kimmay is an ‘expert bra fitter’

She revealed that folding one cup into another can cause your bras to wear out quicker

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Next up, Kimmay explained the best way to put your bra on and the method most of us are used to using is actually not good for your bras.

She said that you should avoid fastening your bra from the front and then swivelling round to the back and flipping the cups up, as this can damage both the cups and the band.

“This will stretch out the band and also it dents the cups against the body and this is the number two reason that underwires poke out,” the expert said as she demonstrated how to correctly put a bra on.

One TikTok user was quick to ask whether their method was suitable and they soon got the seal of approval from expert fitter Kimmay.

“I put mine on backwards but I don’t flip the cups down. I keep them up so they don’t do that. Is that OK?” the TikTok user asked, as Kimmay responded by saying that this method is “much better”.

Kimmay demonstrated the best way to put a bra on

Hand-washing bras is the best way to keep them in good condition

Her final tip was one which divided bra-wearers the most however, as she explained that you should never put your bras in the washing machine or tumble dryer.

“Spinning in the high heat does not end well for your delicate bras or basically anything that’s made with elastic.

“Bras cost money so you want to help them last longer and if you take good care of them they will feel more comfortable on your body longer too,” she said, before suggesting that people should hand wash their bras using a gentle detergent in either a sink, bucket or basin.

Many TikTok users were left shocked by the washing revelation, with one person writing: “Wait, how should I wash them then?? I never knew you weren’t supposed to wash an dry them in the machines,” alongside a shocked emoji.

Another added: “Wait then how do you clean them,” as Kimmay provided a link to her top washing tips.


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