Billie Faiers beams with Greg Shepherd as they cradle blossoming bump: ‘halfway there baby’

Billie Faiers beams with Greg Shepherd as they cradle blossoming bump: ‘halfway there baby’

Billie Faiers and her husband Greg Shepherd look more loved up than ever as the former TOWIE cast member showed off her blossoming baby bump.

In June, the reality star, 32, announced she was expecting her third child with Greg, 37, by taking to Instagram to share a family photo of the couple and their two children; Nelly, eight and Arthur, five.

She wrote: “Baby number 3 we can’t wait to meet you … We are so happy and excited.”

Now in a more recent post, which was uploaded to the social media site on Sunday, 24 July, Billie could be seen with a much larger bump.

Billie announced the news that she was pregnant by sharing a family photo on Instagram

Greg can be seen holding her stomach from behind whilst kissing his wife on her cheek.

A stunning Billie wore a matching pink two piece outfit made up of a strappy crop top and a pair of figure-hugging cycling shorts.

The 32 year old’s blonde hair was scraped back in a messy pony tail, whilst she accessorised with a gold watch and a silver love heart necklace.

She captioned the sweet snap, writing: “Halfway there baby.”

Billie Faiers and her husband Greg Shepherd share loved up mirror selfie

Billie’s latest Instagram post comes after she revealed she accidentally drank her sister Sam Faiers‘ placenta juice.

The pregnant mum of two revealed the mishap on the podcast she hosts alongside Sam, The Sam and Billie Show, leaving listeners in disbelief.

In May, Sam, 31, welcomed her son Edward with her partner Paul Knightley.

After giving birth she had her placenta made into all sorts of edibles – something a lot of mothers do due to reported health benefits.

And speaking on the show, Sam said: “For those of you that don’t know, I had my placenta made into tablets, gummies, body oil. I had the full works.”

Billie revealed how she accidentally drank her sister Sam’s placenta juice

Billie then added: “About a week after [you gave birth], when I come back round again to see you, you had a water bottle on the side and I was drinking out of it.

“You said, ‘Oh, erm, that’s got my tincture in it’, and it was your placenta juice.”

She continued: “I was like, ‘What? I just drank your placenta juice?'”

Tinctures are made when the placenta is soaked in alcohol to create a liquid.

Speaking about her placenta juice, Sam said: “When I first got it, I wasn’t sure what to do with that, so I was putting little caps of it and I was doing this.

“I was actually drinking basically a shot of vodka.”


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