Biden: It ‘would be wise’ for Americans to leave Ukraine

Biden: It ‘would be wise’ for Americans to leave Ukraine

(Photo: For The Post; video: Whitney Shefte, Jorge Ribas/The Post)

In central Kyiv, behind makeshift barricades, ordinary Ukrainians are working around the clock to prepare meals for soldiers and civilians alike.

North Carolina and Pennsylvania will use congressional maps approved by courts in those states, rather than the ones created by the GOP-led legislatures.

Mark Meadows and wife, Debra, walk from the Oval Office to board Marine One and depart for Camp David on May 15, 2020. (Jabin Botsford/The Post)

Meadows decried voting by people who were not “actual residents” of a state. But that’s what he and his wife appear to have done.

Even as vaccination rates rose, the daily average of covid deaths stood at 9,000 during the past 28 days, according to Johns Hopkins University data.

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(Jackie Lay/The Washington Post)

The potential for warming relations between the Biden administration and Venezuela illustrates how global relations and values are being scrambled during the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

In Shasta County, a recall election successfully ousted a Republican county supervisor. (Melina Mara/The Post)

The recent recall of a moderate Republican supervisor in Shasta County will serve as a blueprint for a conservative push for political influence.

Russia’s absence cast doubts over the extent to which international legal mechanisms can be effective tools in efforts to stop the war in Ukraine.

A battle in the city of Bila Tserkva, south of Kyiv, severely damaged nearby buildings. (Photo: Wojciech Grzedzinski; video: Jon Gerberg and James Cornsilk for The Post)

Investors fear rising oil prices could supercharge inflation, eating away at consumer budgets and corporate balance sheets while tossing a wet blanket over the economy.

Russia’s GRU military intelligence unit in Moscow. (AFP/Getty Images)

Russian, Belarus phishing campaign targeted Ukraine as well as Polish military sites.

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The D.C. mayor joins an effort by law enforcement agencies across the country to increase the number of women in their ranks and create a more fair work environment.

(John Kelly/The Post)

Fans of duckpin bowling are a rabid bunch. They’re saddened that one Maryland center has been closed for four months after a flood.

The Damascus restaurant specializes in the Sichuan dishes that the chef learned from a master in Chengdu.

Imagine how much worse this season would be without a play-in.

(Rick Steves’ Europe)

Rapidly changing guidebook styles can tell us a lot about the evolution of travel.

After years of ups and downs in Nashville, singer-songwriter (and ACM Awards nominee) Hayes hopes to make the most of 2021′s runaway hit, “Fancy Like.”

Robert Pattinson’s Batman should lean into his silly behavior.

London’s cocktail story is infused with transatlantic influence, from the Savoy’s American Bar to the modern age.

The Transmutation of Memory #22 from “My Brother’s War.” (Jessica Hines)

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