Amy Hart reveals how Love Island contestants wash their clothes in the villa

Amy Hart reveals how Love Island contestants wash their clothes in the villa

Love Island star Amy Hart has been sharing plenty of behind the scenes tips with fans as this year’s series takes place.

The reality star, 30, who appeared on the show in 2019, previously explained why contestants don’t use the villa’s bath, what the girls do if they get their period in the villa and the rules concerning naps.

And now, she’s back by popular demand to answer a fan question on what happens when contestants in the villa need their laundry done.

Taking to TikTok, Amy explained that she’d been away from her social channels for a few days as she’d been celebrating her milestone birthday, but was back to answer the pressing question.

Amy Hart has opened up about life in the Love Island villa

Amy said: “You get a washing bag and it goes once a week but we wouldn’t often give our clothes to the washing.”

She explained that in the first week Amber Gill had an embellished bikini that came back from the laundry “all broken”.

Amy added: “Everything was the wrong colour, Anna [Vakili] sent off a really nice dress and it came back three sizes smaller.

“So we didn’t tend to put things in the wash if we could get away with it.”

The star took to TikTok to explain how the villa do their laundry

Amy recalled past experiences where clothes were ruined

Amy has been keeping fans happy as she shared anecdotes from inside the villa and explained that the villa has just one bathroom and that it can take a while to get your turn for a shower.

“When they say it’s time to get ready, people are like ‘first, second, third, fourth’. Some of the boys do shower outside, well at least they did in my year to try and cut the queue down.

“But if you were sort of seventh, eighth or ninth in the queue I used to do my hair and makeup before there was a rain shower and a body shower.”

Amy has been keeping fans in the loop during this season of Love Island

Amy explained why this was better for her, saying: “I would do my hair and makeup, whack my hair up and then body shower because otherwise I wouldn’t be ready in time.”

She then explained to her TikTok followers why a shower was used instead of baths.

“I don’t know about anyone else’s year but by week two the bath was just like where we put all our disgusting clothes after disgusting challenges”.

Amy added that these were when the Islanders were “covered in paint or food, or pancake batter” so they avoided using the dirtied bath.

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