5 best skin-cooling beauty buys for beating the heatwave this summer – from £4.95

5 best skin-cooling beauty buys for beating the heatwave this summer – from £4.95

There are some beauty products that everyone knows should be essential all throughout the summer months, like a good SPF, a waterproof mascara and sun-protecting hair treatment s.

But what about when the temperatures REALLY hit the high numbers and you need to feel an instant cooling fix? Well, the beauty aisles can offer assistance here too.

From cool tools to fresh-feeling facial spritzes, here are some of the beauty products that will help you to beat the heat this summer. Top tip: for extra freshness, keep them in the fridge. You can even buy special mini skincare fridges for storing all your hot weather must-haves in – sure, it’s not exactly an essential, but a fun gadget for any beauty junkie!

Best beauty products to keep you cool during the heatwave

A hydrating face mist

A quick and easy way to instantly boost your skin’s moisture levels, facial spritzes can be both used as part of your morning and evening skincare routines and also throughout the day, whenever you need to feel refreshed (they can even be applied over makeup).

Buy: Grace & Stella’s Rose Spray, a fragrant antioxidant-rich face mist containing rose water, which can also help to reduce redness. You’ll find it inside the Good To Go OK! Beauty Box, along with four other holiday heroes like a smoothing body scrub and a sun-protecting hair mist. The box is worth £115 in total, but new subscribers can pick it up for just £4.95 here.

You’ll find the Grace & Stella face mist along with four other top summer beauty products in the OK! Beauty box

A gel moisturiser

It’s important to keep a good skincare routine going all year round but when the weather’s hot, the thought of slathering on a thick, rich face cream probably isn’t all that appealing.

Instead, reach for a lightweight, gel-textured moisturiser, which will hydrate without feeling heavy or sweaty on the skin. Look out for “oil-free” on the label, and ingredients like hyaluronic acid, niacinamide and aloe vera.

Buy: Skin Proud Frozen Over Gel-To-Ice Hydrator, £16.95 here, which has gone viral on TikTok since it launched. Designed to be used at room temperature or stored in the freezer, it gives an icy burst of hydration to parched skin.

This gel-to-ice moisturiser has gone viral on TikTok

A cooling face mask

Look out for these reusable face masks filled with gel or special beads. Keep these odd-looking contraptions in the fridge or freezer then strap them around the face to give instant relief all over.

Buy: You’ll find plenty of options on Amazon, or for a luxe buy try Charlotte Tilbury Cryo-Recovery Face Mask, £49 here, which is made up of metal beads as well as the cooling gel ones, which target acupressure points.

This smart face mask targets puffiness and pressure points

A cryo face roller

The secret behind how celebrity makeup artists get famous faces looking toned and glowing before red carpet events. These specialist facial rollers are made from stainless steel and, after storing in the fridge, retain their icy cool temperatures and work to plump, brighten and depuff hot and flustered faces.

Less high tech but also effective (and cheaper) is a jade roller. These simple stone tools won’t stay as cold for quite as long, but will still help to give skin a refreshing boost.

Buy: CurrentBody Cryo Roller, £30 here, or Aldi Lacura Jade Face Roller, £6.99 here

Under-eye masks

Hot weather, hay fever and broken nights’ sleep can all make the eyes look puffier than normal. If this sounds familiar, soothe and smooth bothersome bags by applying a pair of under-eye patches. Drenched in hydrating serum and usually made of either gel or fabric material, these will leave your eye area looking fresher and more awake.

Buy: Skyn Iceland Hydro Cool Firming Ice Gels, £15 for a pack of four here

Great for puffy eyes


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