Gallery: Nintendo Shares More Screenshots Of Pokémon Legends: Arceus For Switch

Gallery: Nintendo Shares More Screenshots Of Pokémon Legends: Arceus For Switch

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It looks blurry, were those docked or handheld screenshots?

Otherwise, the water looks weird. It has no transparency, giving it an unnatural look in some shots, notably the sand shores. Still, can’t wait for it.


Needs some detail and color. Not a fan of this new bland style that Nintendo is doing with this and Zelda.


Q : Will you be trying out Pokémon Legends: Arceus when it arrives exclusively on Switch?

Me : Not day one as i still busy to hunt other games. I will try to get Legend of Arceus after several months later.


I am not going to get hyped until I see the actual frame rate of this thing. This has the potential of being an fps nightmare.


Looks good enough for me! I honestly see a big improvement compared to early footage. The most important thing for me is seeing enough gameplay to know I’m excited to play it day one for some much-wanted features, like more integrated core gameplay in the overworld. Also, the ability to sneak up on Pokemon and try catching them before you even battle is a subtle but important evolution to the idea of exploring a world filled with Pokemon. I have a feeling I will be very excited about the future of Pokemon after playing Legends Arceus, and I haven’t been this excited about a Pokemon game for a long while.



7.8/10 – Not enough water detail.


I know the graphics are eh (but still wayyyy better than BD/SP) but I’m just so happy to see a Pokemon game in true 3D. No more remnants of blocky 2D design left. Realistic 3D environments. That makes it great.


It’s looking a lot better for me! My cautious optimism has built and built until I’ve reached “Got to play it now” mode, and these screenshots are definitely helping putting me in that zone.


How the hell does BD/SP have better looking water than this lol I think this could of done with another year in development, or is simply the switch just can’t do any better

I mean the pokemon models look the best I’ve seen so far and the gameplay looks fun but the world/environment looks so bland and lifeless, the pokemon sword dlc areas looked better


Ok those screen shots look really blurry,so much so I hope its just for screenshot sake.


Looks like a GBA game. sad face

Did I do it right?


Those floor textures, the trees.

At least it looks better than minecraft or fortnite. And look how popular those games are. So…


Looks really rough…should have called Monolith Soft


How comes you good people can come on here and have a bash at Nintendo and their game.

And when I mention AAA Nintendo in house game development and feeling they have slacked off a bit, I get totally beaten up by the Nintendo fans.

Such fun 😂


The more I see of this game, the less hyped I get. I’ll be waiting a few months before getting it. Not going to make the same mistake again.


Nintendo are so proud of this game they are letting nobody (except Christina Aguilera) play it before it releases. its such a good game, no game journo’s will be allowed to touch it before release- just to make sure nobody knows just how good it is.



It looks ok but I am still bugged that it is not a present day setting.

Maybe they want to play it safe and not make it a sequel to the main Pokemon games.


It obviously doesn’t look amazing graphically, but I can live with that if the gameplay and frame rate end up being good. But I’m glad this game looks like it’s at least trying to be different, since the Pokémon formula of the main series has gone stale.


@mario9785ify Xenoblade 2 was Pokemon enough for me anyways, they included the “gotta catch em all” element pretty well!


The frame rate on these screen shots is shocking. 1fps!


Right, I’ve been holding off on commenting on this but here goes

I’ve been coming to NintendoLife since CVG shut its doors and I’ve loved watching the site build and even the creation of the YouTube channel

But I have to admit it but the other day I turned off the video on Arceus Legends on the YouTube channel as it was just bashing the game, I mean it’s not even out yet and although John, Zion and Alex have great analysis usually this video just left a bad taste in my mouth, it was bad within BDSP but this is even worse

As someone who grew up in the age of the home computer and trust me there were loads of limitations it got me thinking have we gone back to the bit wars? Games should be enjoyed for their playability, their enjoyment and storyline and how much it makes us happy

When I see comments online in multiple places saying the grass isn’t green enough or the water isn’t clear it just reminds me about the bit wars all again

I say, the game may or may not be perfect but instead of making comments about a tree or grass, as long as the game is good and makes you happy that’s all that matters


@wolvesboy this guy gets it.

If it’s fun to play, then I’m sold.

(I’ve played Outer Worlds on Switch, sunk about 60 hours into it despite it looking like “trash”.)


Is there likely to be a Pokémon Direct before this game’s release?



It appears they are trying to create that anime look, that is close as possible to the show. While using cel shaded visual style which is nice. In terms of gameplay, it looks like Game Freak is trying to get out of the mold of the static menu selections, and trying to keep the action and battles as seamless as possible. It is great to see the developers trying to evolve the series with their vision of making the experience more immersive.


@Harmonie I think just like Sonic, Pokemon has two styles that people would like it in. The first being the classic blocky style (I would rather if they stuck with sprites) and the 3D style.


@wolvesboy Agreed. In truth I have been happy with games since the PS2 and Gamecube era. I felt 3D really gained great footing in terms of visuals from that point (it was rough transitioning from SNES and Genesis to N64 and PS1).


I don’t want to be a pessimist, but if this was any IP other than Pokemon, I don’t think very many of us would be interested in it. A lot of us would be way more critical.



This game will be great and there’s no changing my mind


@wolvesboy I totally agree with you. I can barely ever read a Pokemon comment thread on here (or anywhere) because it is just so hard to read. I am a recent Pokemon fan and I just enjoy playing the games, why are people obsessed with the graphics in a Pokemon game?? Honestly, it started out on a handheld with a tinge of green for the screen and was pixel as all crap, but it was the gameplay people fell in love with. If you are worried about how a tree looks or some grass then maybe gaming is not for you 🤷‍♂️


Gameplay looks just as bland as the graphics. Apologists will pretend this looks good though, their identity depends on it.


@ShePenny Strange given you’re the only one trying to tell people how the game looks.


@Aurumonado you make a good point, look at halo infinite, got absolutely s**t on when it’s first trailer came out yet it still looked better than pokemon.

I think when people are paying £50 for this where there are better looking games for less money, then we are entitled to our opinion.

Look at dragon quest 11S, same price yet makes pokemon look like an indie. We all pay full price for pokemon games every time they come out so they should put that money to use to make the games the best they possibly can



It makes matters even worse when at the same price, most of the Pokémon spin-offs look much better than the core series.


Sure, the graphics aren’t up to par in comparison to other consoles and PC, but that’s just what Nintendo does. Instead of realistic graphics, they lean toward more cartoon-ish styles for most of their 1st party games, and it’s nice to have that style of graphics available. Also, considering the switch’s limited hardware, I’d say we’re fairly lucky to get at least somewhat good good graphics for such a (hopefully) large game. However, it does leave some things to be desired, that’s for sure. Nintendo doesn’t have to make a switch pro just yet, they just need something new-ish to handle the newer, bigger games they’re making.


Pokemon is the biggest grossing entertainment franchise in the world and the game is made for a single platform. They have the money to make something more technically accomplished than this. BOTW has been out nearly 5 years now and still looks way better.


The problem isn’t even just the ugly graphics, it’s that the gameplay has intentionally been left obfuscated. This is why you keep seeing people comparing this to Breath of the Wild, when the two games have nothing in common beyond both containing trees and grass.


@Strafe exactly they get revenue from the main games, spin offs, the anime, films, Web TV series, trading cards, merchandise, mobile games (especially pokemon Go), Game freak should be one of the richest devs around and should be pushing the switch to its fullest capability and making games on the scale of BoTW, Xenoblade chronicles 2 and Dragon Quest 11S instead of nice and easy full price cash grabs. They are taking the p**s out of Pokémon fans loyalty


@MysteryCupofJoe Well, I find sprites and blocky environments to be archaic. They are the result of the limited hardware of their time.

People can have their opinions. (I can understand enjoying archaic things, like I prefer the harpsichord over the piano, regardless of the fact that the piano is an technical improvement.) But… a 2D/3.5 game should not be out here on a modern console for $60. Plus, Pokemon had to move on, and I’m glad that it finally has.


Lots of people complaining about the graphic fidelity of a game made by a developer who has never been known for graphic fidelity.


If we’d care about graphics and frame-rates we wouldn’t own a switch let alone multiple switches. Arceus looks fun to play. Everything else has little to no importance.


I have decreasingly little confidence in this game, but GF usually delivers so I will be playing it.


The GameCube had better water effects.


I feel like since the reveal of this game it’s just been the same scenes and screenshots. Yeah a few new Pokemon but it’s just really starting to look not special at all. The initial idea had me so excited but I think I’m going to hold off on this one.


This game is the definition of “back in my day”.


I’m actually impressed with how much better this game looks now than when they first revealed it.

And what’s even more impressive, is all the latest footage looks smooth, unlike the initial reveal.

I had written this game off at first, but now I’m genuinely excited for it. This is the freshest take I think I’ve ever seen for the series, and it desperately needed it.



We have every right to be cautious and even to criticize. We are paying premium price for this game at the same price or even higher than some other AAA games on other powerful consoles.

I’ll always be cautious with every Nintendo games (especially action games) even from first party exclusive and wait for reviews (no review so far.. red flag?)




I like it. Sure, the graphics could be shinier, no mistake. But I was not expecting Pokemon on the Switch to look like a PS5 game.


@SuperZeldaFun, only someone whose hyper partial would discount the importance of audiovisuals & gameplay fidelity, simply to defend a machine that lacks the ability to output both.



@faint when they were working on handhelds, that may have saved them, now that they are on a “console”, maybe they should crack that piggy bank open to splurge a little on a basic level of graphical parity


@wolvesboy its perfectly fine to enjoy things on a surface level, but at some point, when a person reaches a connoisseur level, there simply is no ignoring obvious shortcomings. & if you think the staff here was being harsh…..


I’ve never been a stickler for graphics but GameFreak should be ashamed of themselves for continuing to do the bare minimum even though they have money coming out of their ears. When a quality monster taming game like Shin Megami Tensei V only sells 800k copies in 2 months while games like Pokemon BDSP sell over 6 million in the same time frame, that speaks volumes about the fans who actively support these releases.

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