Another Xi’an Citizen Refused Hospital Entry Dies

Another Xi’an Citizen Refused Hospital Entry Dies

Weibo user @Taiyanghuahuahua00000 has shared the harrowing account of how her father was refused entry to several different hospitals in Xi’an, 10 hours after he began suffering from a case of angina. 

Shortly after noon on January 2, user @Taiyanghuahuahua00000’s father developed a case of angina. At 2pm, the daughter arrived at Gaoxin International Hospital where security informed her that, because they had come from a mid-risk area, they would not be seen. 

Staff at the hospital told them to contact 521 Hospital and the Third People’s Hospital, both of which refused to see them.

For several hours, the woman continued to search for a hospital that would see her father while calling emergency services on 110 and 120. 

After eight hours at approximately 10pm, Gaoxin International (the first hospital she was turned away from) began operating on her father. However, the doctor informed the family that it was already too late and the man passed away in the early morning of January 3, 2022. 

The doctor said that if he had been seen within the first two hours of the angina occurring, he could have been saved. 

User @Taiyanghuahuahua00000 posted recordings of the phone calls she had with emergency services on Weibo. As of press time the video on her Weibo has more than 30 million views. 

She also posted a video where she is seemingly removed from a hospital by security. 

The woman’s story was the top trending story on Weibo on January 5, 2022, before the hashtag was removed.

Also in Xi’an on January 5, 2021, a pregnant woman suffering from stomach pains was denied entry to multiple hospitals and later miscarried.

The pregnant woman was refused entry to hospitals within the city because she didn’t have a negative nucleic acid test. However, Weibo user @Taiyanghuahuahua00000 claimed they had negative nucleic acid tests but were denied entry to Gaoxin International Hospital because they had come from a mid-risk area within the city. 

Xi’an has been in lockdown since December 23, 2021 due to a wave of COVID-19 sweeping across the metropolis.

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